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CN4E mobile computer
The large, fully rugged and feature-rich Intermec CN4e mobile computer integrates 3.5G wireless technology, enabling enterprises to operate in the most demanding environment, making full use of the benefits of high-bandwidth data collection and communication to achieve worker productivity , Improve and expand the services provided by its revenue and reduce expenses.
CS40 mobile computer
Intermec's CS40 is a professional device designed for the mobile field, who needs productivity and reliability beyond smartphones. CS40 enables companies to improve their business processes, expand customer products, increase revenue and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobile solution to the point where it needs it most-on the front lines.
CN3e mobile data terminal
A mid-scale expansion of the popular CN3 mobile computing platform, the rugged CN3e combination of functional enlarged keyboards requires intensive key-based data entry for field mobile applications. Very suitable for DSD and ITV, CN3e combination provides optional integrated GPS, rich voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE), and a complete series of user-installed accessories.
Intermec's CK70 is a next-generation, ultra-rugged mobile computing solution. The specially designed design is optimized for the demanding express and parcel environment, which beneficially improves user efficiency and improves customer service and service level agreement compliance.
Intermec's CN70 CN70e ultra-rugged mobile computer is ideal for field mobile applications that require compact size and uncompromising durability. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communication and data collection capabilities, provides optimal worker productivity.
CK3X mobile computer
The highly adaptable design enables various CK3Xs to give full play to the performance potential of their work processes, improve their business indicators, simplify IT support and control operating costs under the premise of application.
CN4 mobile computer
With the integration of 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged and feature-rich Intermec CN4 series of mobile computers can operate in the most demanding environment for enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of high-bandwidth data collection and communication to achieve worker productivity. Improve and expand the services provided by its revenue and reduce expenses.
CV61 fixed car computer
CV61 combines next-generation technology and intelligent design, making it easy to migrate from traditional vehicle-mounted computers. It is not only seamlessly integrated with the infrastructure, where you are today, but also provides space for you and future growth.
CN3 mobile computer
CK71 super rugged mobile compute
Intermec's CK71 is uncompromising, a new generation of ultra-rugged mobile computers that achieve the perfect balance of real functional flexibility and durability, duty cycle, and ergonomics for the most demanding warehouse distribution and production environments.
CV41 fixed car computer
Maximize every minute CV41-the world's first onboard computer with integrated Vocollect voice support. Reduce forklift operator downtime, gain visibility into your fleet utilization and safety, and have the industry's most extensive set of advanced data collection solutions to seamlessly integrate your distribution center.
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