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CN70/CN70e rugged mobile data terminal

Intermec's CN70 CN70e ultra-rugged mobile computer is ideal for field mobile applications that require compact size and uncompromising durability. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communication and data collection capabilities, provides optimal worker productivity.
Product Details


  • The size, weight and durability of the mobile computing power package
  • Excellent computing performance and application response time
  • Flexible wireless technology provides the best network coverage and excellent solutions to achieve the lowest cost routing strategy
  • Long battery life for special equipment running time without additional volume and weight
  • Advanced barcode imaging technology with sporty and lively scanning and white illumination with laser aiming high reading rate
  • Brilliant display touch screen with extended life
  • On-board diagnostics provide visibility into equipment operating conditions and reduce downtime
  • Fully compatible with printers, application software, communications, to achieve a more comprehensive enterprise business solution and a complete set of peripheral equipment and accessories
  • Non-flammable hazardous location CN70 CN70e is an option

We have not compromised and neither should you

Choose the best rugged and durable mobile business solution to meet its needs and preferences. Operations and device users often need to weigh: size and durability, weight and battery life, support and maintenance of multiple devices and platforms vs. streamlined, single Solutions to perform different tasks and functions.

Uncompromising design CN70 CN70e realizes the perfect balance of real functional flexibility and durability, duty cycle and ergonomics.

The design of CN70 and CN70e has been optimized in the field of fluidity environment. Specifically, CN70 is the best mobile field service and transportation workers need power and performance in a compact form factor. The CN70e provides the same power packaging calculations, but is equipped with a larger keyboard design making it ideal for delivery environments where workers may be wearing gloves or have more data input-intensive applications. Extend the use of CN70 and CN70e in hazardous locations with nonincentive certification (theology) CN70 CN70e.

We are also around CN70 CN70e, providing a complete set of intelligent business solutions, software, tools, services and training modules, delivered by Intermec and our global network of the best distributors and ISV partners, creating the smoothest and most Smartly integrate into your workflow.

Every 70 series mobile computer is pre-installed with Intermec's ScanNGo client to provide high-quality equipment supply experience to simplify and speed up equipment staging. The independent ScanNGo client allows CN70 and CN70e users to provide configuration and automatically download application software, even more than WWAN through a simple pre-configured barcode reading in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

Every second counts

Today's mobile workers are in a race against time and need to do their jobs right-now. Uneven wireless coverage, extreme weather, damaged barcodes, dim trucks and heavy equipment wear are their daily reality.

The CN70 and CN70e's next-generation features to meet these challenges save precious seconds and provide unparalleled reliability. Intermec's high-performance imaging provides the best bar code scanning capabilities, even in low-light scanning environments and unparalleled movement tolerance and laser aiming snappiest speed. These features eliminate costly delayed scan-intensive applications.

Scratched and damaged displays, missing or unreadable keys not only slow down your workers, they reflect the poor image of your company. The uncompromising design of the CN70 CN70e includes a full-light visible VGA display, a high-durability Gorilla® glass touch screen and indestructible keyboard technology to ensure that they stay in the hands of workers rather than repair stations.

The 70-series uncompromising approach includes options to choose a processor that best suits your needs. CN70 CN70e provides two different, industrial-grade multi-engine superscalar processors to provide higher performance and lower power consumption. Choose between TI OMAP3 1GHz and TI OMAP3 600MHz processors, all offering the expected speed and reliability from the 70 series.

By combining these latest generation processors with the country's most advanced battery health diagnosis, CN70/CN70e can rely on providing the power and performance you need, as well as reducing related costs and battery replacement.

CN70 and CN70e extend their uncompromising design and radio connection. Their WAN solution has flexible network™ data broadcasting, which runs on any type of network; it provides switchon network selection capabilities, eliminating the need for multiple pools to a network of dedicated equipment. The 70 series also provides UMTS/HSUPA and CDMA/EV-DO version A voice, data and WWAN radio options. No matter your wide area communication environment, the 70 series offers an option to meet your needs.

Combining an ultra-efficient processing architecture, using long-life battery technology and the country’s most advanced battery health diagnostics, exhausted batteries and downtime will not only become a thing of the past, but will help improve your business’ carbon Footprint.

Protecting your company's income stream, and finding new sources of income, maintaining competitiveness is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Intermec's application development resource kit allows you to use GPS radios, 5-megapixel autofocus cameras, barcode imagers and sensors in innovative ways to develop new services and insights into your fieldwork data.

Before the problem is prevented, it exists

Today's pace and corporate competitiveness must not miss the deadline. Success depends on your ability to prevent problems before it affects the productivity of your mobile workers, ultimately your income and customer satisfaction.

CN70 and CN70e mobile computers have the insights provided by the only equipment health report function that has never allowed mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent problems before they affect operations. Critical subsystems, including scanning, communication, and battery life, can be monitored by mobile workers through the utility on the dashboard or through the remote Intermec SmartSystems™ console to better utilize your mobile computing assets.

For customers who want a trusted partner to take excessive day-to-day task management and troubleshooting of their mobile devices and wireless infrastructure, Intermec 's InControl is managed through a hosted web-based  The service portfolio provides a flexible, integrated mobile device and wireless network management service tool set. Through InControl, one of the technical experts of Intermec or a qualified partner member undertakes these tasks, allowing customers to effectively track assets, secure network investments, and achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Based on shared platform

CN70 and CN70e only have two models out of four available in the 70 series family. Each model provides a unique, specially crafted form factor, including radio, keyboard options, imaging, software and services. This provides tailored solutions specific to each application area, the ability to support your employees' preferences and needs in your environment, and support multiple device platforms without increased costs.

The 70 series family is the only single-platform approach, which can provide a computer architecture, common system software, a set of peripherals and a system connection to reduce the complexity and cost of the infrastructure. It can bring simple software updates, frequent tasks, new employee training, management of spare parts pool and charging equipment.

Infrastructure replacement to break this cycle

Supporting the 70 series is a new modular system docking designed to maximize the return on investment of your charging and communication infrastructure. Called back to FlexDock , the system uses a 2- or 4-digit base, combined with any combination of mobile computers and battery cups, to tailor the base to your specific needs.

In addition to desktop or wall-mounted installation, FlexDock provides better room utilization and smaller space requirements and is compatible with standard IT equipment rack mounting systems.

When it's time to upgrade equipment, reduce costs and complexity, because the existing cups can be easily replaced with new cups corresponding to next-generation solutions, allowing the original base and supporting components to be reused.

Expect reliability

When the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of your operations are based on your competitive advantage, there is no room for compromise. Intermec's 70 series mobile computer series provides unparalleled performance and reliability, enabling you to run your operations with confidence.

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