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1500 scanner
This high-speed, reliable 1500 linear imaging scanner can maximize work efficiency and performance. 1500 No moving parts, low cost of ownership, reliable and practical, precise and efficient. 1500's 2500-pixel optical scanner is efficient and fast, with a speed of 200 decodings/sec. It can read multiple barcode symbols with a single tool and can provide adaptive scanning. The large LED screen and the adjustable tone signal real-time scanning recognition function can speed up the work process. The 1-year warranty ensures the quality and reliability of CipherLab.
1600H Bluetooth scanner
The 1600H series Bluetooth scanner combines the features of anti-bacterial and alcohol-resistant wipes to provide excellent mobility and flexibility. The compact and lightweight body can easily fit into your pocket. The Bluetooth transmission range of up to 10 meters allows you to move freely. In addition, the Bluetooth interface allows you to transfer data to various Bluetooth devices similar to laptop computers. With 3610 Bluetooth wireless transmission device, it can simplify the pairing process and allow data to be transmitted to other devices in real time. The lithium battery can continue to supply power for up to 40 hours, without interrupting work to wait for the battery to charge. Built-in 512k memory card can store more than 30,000 scan records in batch mode. ScanMaster software can easily edit data, set the type of barcode read, and select the interface at the same time.
1266 Bluetooth scanner
The CipherLab 1266 bluetooth laser scanner can roam 100 meters (328 feet) to work and customer needs. Even if it exceeds the range of Bluetooth, it can still collect and store data in batches or store it in the buffer, and upload it once it returns to the range. The 1266 communication base can be shared with up to seven CipherLab Bluetooth scanners, making your investment more effective. 1266 Bluetooth laser scanner will bring you high efficiency and high added value, suitable for retail, manufacturing, warehousing and healthcare industries.
1100 scanner
Using this safe and reliable linear image scanner can reduce your supervision time and improve the efficiency of your employees. 1100 provides flexibility and reliability with low cost of ownership. Choosing this ideal scanner can increase your operational efficiency. The 1100 uses a 3648 pixel image scanner, which can scan barcodes with a resolution of 3 mil and a PCS value of 30%. It can scan multiple barcode symbols and is suitable for continuous use in harsh environments. High quality and reliable, with 1 year warranty.
1105 scanner
The 1105 scanner is a linear image scanner, durable and reliable, and can read multiple barcode symbols. The 1105 uses a 2048 pixel image scanner, which can scan barcodes with a resolution of 4 mil and a PCS value of 30%. No laser, safe to use, durable, and can be used continuously even in harsh environments. 1105 provides 1 year warranty, reliable quality and low total cost of ownership.
1500H scanner
The 1500H series handheld scanners have antibacterial and alcohol-resistant wipe characteristics, which can protect bacteria while maintaining a high degree of work efficiency. The decoding speed with the red light reading head can reach up to 200 times per second, and can read high-density one-dimensional barcodes as small as 3mil. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the 1500H series allows the staff to do a lot of scanning operations without getting tired. Large LED lights and adjustable volume buzzer, so you can avoid repeated scanning under dim light. The 1500H series handheld scanner is equipped with a three-in-one transmission base: it is convenient to fix on the wall, place it on the table, or provide automatic sensor scanning. Using ScanMaster’s software, users can easily edit data, set the type of barcode to read, and select
1502 scanner
The lightweight and ergonomic design allows users to easily, quickly and accurately scan important data within a distance of 2 to 57 cm regardless of the working environment. The 1502 laser scanner has also passed multiple tests of falling to concrete from a height of 1.2 meters, plus a three-year warranty (one year for the laser reading head), it is definitely a value-added laser scanner that you can trust.
1070 scanner
Whether in the workplace or at the checkout counter, the affordable and trustworthy CipherLab 1070 1D CCD scanner is your best choice. The ergonomic and lightweight design can be applied to various retail industries. CipherLab 1070 provides a three-year product warranty, which not only gives you long-term work efficiency, but also reduces the overall cost of use, and provides a higher return on investment for the retail industry.
1200 scanner
Low cost, can speed up barcode laser scanning. The 1200 high value-added scanner can quickly and accurately scan barcodes from 1 to 63 cm away, allowing employees to work more flexibly and quickly. Small size (palm size), light weight, easy and comfortable to operate, can be used all day, suitable for any working environment; its structure is sturdy and reliable, and can withstand a drop from 1.2 meters (4 feet) to concrete. Choose CipherLab 1200 to realize efficient and high value-added laser scanning.
1166 Bluetooth scanner
"Liberate employees!" Let them have more time to serve customers and serve the company. The 1166 Bluetooth scanner is equipped with a secure linear image reader, which can be connected to work and wherever the customer needs within 100 meters (328 feet). Data can be collected even if the range is exceeded, and the data can be uploaded once it returns to the working range. The 1166 communication base can be shared with up to seven CipherLab Bluetooth scanners, making your investment more effective. This 1166 wireless Bluetooth scanner will bring you high efficiency and high added value.
1090+ scanner
1090+ scans quickly, easily, and accurately. It can scan barcodes up to 90 mm wide. The performance is extremely stable and reliable, and the cost is low. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is a high value-added tool. This large field of view scanner can scan labels more flexibly. By accelerating the processing flow and reducing scanning errors when reading barcodes with too close print spacing or poor print quality, it can improve the efficiency of checkout channels, stores, and printing centers. 1090+ This tool combines flexibility, reliability and high added value. It does not generate laser light, is comfortable and safe to operate, and can be used all day.
1704 two-dimensional barcode sca
The 1704 2D barcode scanner is designed for environments that require ruggedness and high stability in manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries. It meets IP54 industrial-grade specifications and has passed the 1.8-meter repeated drop test. It has a built-in 1.3 million pixels, high The reading head with high resolution can read one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes, and a reading head that can capture A4 documents is optional. It can provide visual, auditory and tactile complete "scan completed" confirmation mode, all included in this ergonomically designed barcode scanner, allowing you to easily complete daily tasks.
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