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Data acquisition Guide
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Data acquisition Guide

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Data acquisition device is a device for collecting the bar code. According to the transmission way is divided into batch and wireless way: batch processing mode is the data acquisition of the bar code, the use of computer and computer connected to the communication base to the collection of information in the file transfer to the computer; wireless way is a data collector 802.11b and GPRS and other wireless real-time and PC exchange data. In the products out of storage, logistics and express management, fixed asset management, meter reading system, library management system, data collector is very wide.

According to the different uses of the data collector, it can be divided into two types: online data acquisition and portable data acquisition.

The online data acquisition system can be divided into the desktop and the connection type. Most of them are powered by AC power supply. It is generally not used independently. The data can be transmitted between the collector and the computer. There are two ways to transmit data to the computer: one is the keyboard simulation; the other is the transmission of data through the communication port. For the former without the need of a separate power supply, the power is drawn from the inside of the computer; the latter requires a separate power supply. Therefore, the online data collector must be installed in a fixed position, and the bar code symbol to get the scanner before reading. At present, some logistics enterprises in the storage management has begun to use. As the online data collector in the use of the scope and use of a number of restrictions, so that it can not be used in the need to use the occasion, such as inventory inventory, bulky items such as scanning. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the on-line data acquisition, the portable data acquisition system came into being.

Portable data collector is designed for the use of some of the bar code symbol of the scene data acquisition and scanning, suitable for the use of the occasion. Reading, and online data acquisition instead. It is the scanner to the bar code symbol scanning. Therefore, also known for handheld terminals, inventory. It is powered by a battery, and the communication between the computer doesn't scan was performed at the same time, it has its own internal storage can store a certain amount of data, and these data are transmitted to the computer at the appropriate time. Almost all of the portable data acquisition device has a certain ability to program, and then the application will be able to become a powerful special equipment, so as to meet the needs of different occasions. More and more logistics enterprises will focus on the portable data acquisition system, there are some logistics enterprises will be a portable data collector for warehouse management, transportation management and the implementation of the tracking.

At present, the research and development of bar code technology and its series of products in the world, many thousands of products, has launched a portable data acquisition system which can store thousands of bar code information. It is widely used in warehouse management, commodity inventory and all kinds of field operations. Portable data acquisition system has benefited from the development of electronic technology, and has continued to develop in the direction of miniaturization, miniaturization and intelligent. Some of the portable data acquisition, which is sold in today's market, is actually the whole function of the computer, some portable data collector is small enough to be placed in the shirt pocket.

According to a recent report by the United States management consulting company, Inc. (VDC), the 1995 portable data acquisition and service in the United States market sales were $1500000000, and forecast the future of this business will be 11% annual rate of growth. Portable data collector, its performance, configuration and data communications and other technical indicators are greatly improved, with a new attitude toward the mall, and began to develop deeper and broader field. Especially in the field of electronic inventory (inventory), foreign countries have achieved good results, and get rapid promotion.

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