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Barcode Printer
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Barcode Printer

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Barcode Printer Abbreviation Barcode ,Printing method using a traditional way of printing, bar code printer / bar code machine is a special equipment, in general there are thermal and thermal transfer printing method using special tags and ribbons. Bar code printers print speed, can print special materials (PVC, etc.), can be used to extend the function of the external cutter, but the price is expensive, the use of maintenance is more complex, suitable for the use of a large number of professional users. At present, the common bar code printer / bar code machine brand has zebra barcode printer, tec (Toshiba) bar code printer, etc.

Bar code printer / bar code machine In places where a lot of print labels are required, especially in a short period of time, a large number of printing and special labels (such as PVC materials, waterproof materials), the need to play (such as the ticket office, etc.), should choose a bar code printer. If you often print a lot of labels, or have special requirements for the label, please choose to use the bar code printer.


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