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After-sale service
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After-sale service

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Hongxingyongli customer service repair rules

For faster and more accurate and more effective for all our customers to do customer service service, did the letter easy to cooperate, thank you for your cooperation.

1, please provide the following information to repair products, are indispensable:

1) please be sure to provide your company name or in our account name (i.e., our system library billing name), and repaired after the return of the correct address, consignee, and contact information.

2) or medical security. (such as Paul House will indicate, avoid losing warranty for disassemble)

3) fault condition

4) sent to spare parts details

If it is determined (accessories no problem, please do not send accessories over, label printer ribbon axis shaft please take out

If the print head, please provide printed material, label and ribbon sample, convenient detection)

2, maintenance and warranty period

1) guarantee:

HONEWELL ten working days to return

MOTO fifteen working days to return

Zebra 30 working days

Wynn scanning gun back within a week

All bar code printers, scanners, machine warranty for one year, the data line power is not in the scope of the warranty, print head warranty period is 30 km or three months, first to the standard, individual brand model of the product, the factory warranty period, to the factory to the extension of the warranty.

2) maintenance: two days in quotation, maintenance cycle, in order to spare parts inventory status. After the maintenance of the machine, the same problem, three months warranty.

Hung Hing Wynn unified delivery address repair:

Express delivery method: Longgang District, Bantian District, Shenzhen District, street, Bantian group, 908, 9

After sales, phone: 0755-83940368

Please write down the relevant sales business name, easy to follow

All offer maintenance products, please determine whether maintenance, the company free of charge for three months.

The company free technical service phone, product consulting, please provide the purchase date, product serial number.

Technology Department phone: Hardware 0755-28225517 to 8036/8034 software development category: 0755-28225517 to 8026

Technical department heads responsible person: Chen QQ.2355671531, responsible person: Wang Gong QQ.2355671544

Scan gun in charge: Yao workers QQ.2355671545 printer in charge: Wu Gong QQ.2355784525

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