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Common problems of data collector
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Common problems of data collector

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-09 00:00:00
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·What is a collector?
An automatic equipment with on-site real-time data collection and processing functions. It has the functions of real-time acquisition, automatic storage, real-time display, real-time feedback, automatic processing, and automatic transmission. It provides a guarantee for the authenticity, validity, real-time and availability of field data.


·Types of
data collectors IC card data collectors, barcode data collectors , IC card barcode data collectors, RFID data collectors.


·Why use a data collector ?
In many companies, almost all aspects of data recording are done manually, which is time-consuming, laborious, and prone to errors. For example, in the process of warehouse operation management, daily activities such as purchase, return, shipment, and inventory are all done manually. Due to the filling of trivial and complicated forms and repeated filling of data, the workload increases, so the work is prone to errors and inefficient. In the face of this situation, many companies require the introduction of a computer management system, but after the introduction of the computer system, they found that only half of the problem was solved. Because of the support of computer software, it can only solve the task of placing a computer conditionally. Occasions, and the manual copying in the working link of unconditionally placing the computer still cannot be solved. Even if the computer solves part of the manual copying situation, it cannot change the bottleneck phenomenon caused by the re-input of a large number of printed form data at the next computer operation point. After adopting the collector equipment, each link of data recording realizes the automatic log-in of data, avoiding the problem of re-entering data.


·How to use the data collector well ?
1. Avoid violently falling, squeezing, and stay away from strong magnetic fields; 2.Pay attention to moisture and moisture; 3.The communication port avoids the entry of debris; 4.When the battery power is insufficient, the handset will prompt and charge it in time; 5.When the user program cannot run normally, the system program and application program should be reset; 6.Do not disassemble the machine without authorization, and contact the factory if there is a problem. 


·Which data collector should be used ?
Choose different equipment according to your needs. Generally speaking, the more complex the requirements, the higher the equipment requirements.


·The use of
collectors Generally collectors are bare metal, without a program configured, and you need to customize an application according to customer needs before you can use it.


·Data transmission method between collector and computer:
WIFI, USB cable, serial cable, serial port base, etc.


· There are several possible reasons why the collector cannot read the barcode
1) The function of reading this barcode is not turned on. 2) The bar code does not meet the specifications, such as lack of necessary blank areas, the contrast between the bars and spaces is too low, and the width and narrow ratio of the bars and spaces are inappropriate. 3) In direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation zone. 4) The bar code surface is covered with a transparent material. Although the bar code can be seen with the eyes , the reading conditions of the collector are strict and cannot be read. 5) Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair. 


·How to charge correctly
Due to the protection function of the collector, if the electricity is used up, the collector will not be able to charge. When the collector issues a power shortage warning, it will be charged immediately .


·How to deal with if the collector cannot be charged,
try to avoid this situation. If this happens, remove the battery and use the charger to charge it. If it still does not work, only replace the battery. Contact the dealer before replacement to confirm the specific model of the battery to avoid unnecessary damage.

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