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Common problems of barcode printers
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Common problems of barcode printers

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-09 00:00:00
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What should I do if the image printed by the barcode printer is not clear? When the image is found to be unclear during the printing process, it may be due to the following reasons: A. Use a poor quality ribbon or the ribbon expires, please reinstall a better performance ribbon; B. Use a poor quality ribbon The label paper greatly reduces the transfer ability of the ribbon. Please replace the label paper with better performance to test; C. The temperature setting is lower, and the carbon layer of the ribbon cannot be completely transferred. Please increase the temperature and reset; D .The print head is dirty or its installation position is incorrect. Please clean it with alcohol and cotton balls or adjust the installation position of the print head appropriately. What should I do if the bar code printer cannot print? During the printing process, if the printer does not respond after sending the print command, it may be due to the following reasons: A. The port selection or port setting is wrong, please carefully check whether the port setting is correct; Whether the communication parameter settings are consistent with those in the printing program; B. Observe the indicator lights on the panel, whether the "PAUSE" and "RIBBON/PAPER" lights turn on. If so, please check the label paper, ribbon and detection head, and Press the "FEED" key to try to clear the above phenomenon; C. If the printer has corresponding actions after sending the print command, but the ribbon and label paper do not want to move forward, it is a mechanical failure, please contact the supplier. Why did the printer suddenly report an error during printing? During the printing process, the printer suddenly reported an error, showing that the "PAUSE" and "RIBBON/PAPER" lights were on. The reasons for the above situation may be: A. Use the inappropriate Printer Driver, please contact the supplier to reinstall the correct printer driver B. Some settings of the Printer Driver are inconsistent with the printer settings, and an error occurs 




C. There is a problem with the ribbon, label paper or detection head, please rule out the  

barcode printer one by one. How to test the quality of the print head? When the print head has been used for a period of time, it is sometimes necessary to check whether the print head has been worn or burned during use. At this time, a self-check label can be printed out for judgment. If there are vertical streaks in the dot matrix image on the self-check label and there is no debris on the print head, it often means that the print head is damaged. Taking PRODIGY MAX as an example, the self-checking process is as follows: turn off the printer power, install the label paper and ribbon, press and hold the "FEED" to check and then turn on the power, at this time, press and hold the "FEED" key until the barcode printer Release the label when you step out, and the printer will print a test label at this time. 


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