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Label paper shopping guide
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Label paper shopping guide

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In order to get a quality of the label, in addition to the configuration of high quality label printer, a reasonable choice of paper is also a very important part of the. At present, the label printer industry application is more of a sticker.

Label from paper, tissue paper and as both adhesive adhesive three parts, from the paper called "at the end of paper", the surface is oily. At the end of the paper the adhesive has isolation effect, so use the as the attachment body tissues, in order to ensure that the paper can be easily peeled off from the end of the paper.

Bottom paper and Kolasin (GLASSINE) at the end of the paper, plain paper is rough, thick, according to its color has yellow, white, and so on, the general printing industry commonly used adhesive paper for the economy of yellow paper. Kolasin (GLASSINE) at the end of the paper is dense and uniform, has a good internal strength and transparency, is the production of bar code labels of common materials. Its common color is blue, white. We usually speak of label paper coated paper, thermal paper refers to the paper, etc.. The paper is a carrier for label printing content, according to the material of coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC and other types of. The glossy paper back coating is adhesive. It is, on the one hand, to ensure the bottom paper and tissue paper in the moderate adhesions, on the other hand to ensure the tissues were removed, but also has strong adhesive and paste.

Below introduce several common label paper for your reference:

Coated paper label:

For the label printer commonly used material, its thickness is generally about 80g. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production line, and so on coated paper label large amount of place. In view of the sky bar code label sales for many years, in a variety of Chinese and foreign brand American Aere paper, Japan Prince paper users reflect the best and especially the United States paper coated Aere tag performance is the best, and the white ultra smooth coated paper, thermal transfer printing excellent basic materials.

PET advanced tag paper

PET is the abbreviation of the actual English polyester film, it is a kind of polymer material. PET has a good hard brittle, its color is common in the silver, white, bright white, and so on. According to the thickness of 25 times (1 times =1um), 50 times, 75 times and other specifications, which is related to the actual requirements of the manufacturers. Because of the excellent performance of PET, it is widely used in many special occasions, such as mobile phone battery, computer monitor, air conditioning compressor, etc.. In addition, PET paper has a good natural degradation, has increasingly attracted the attention of manufacturers.

PVC advanced tag paper

PVC is the abbreviation of vinyl, it is also a kind of polymer material, common color has white, Pearl white. PVC and pet performance close to it than pet have good flexibility, soft hand feeling is often used in jewelry, jewelry, watches and clocks, electronic industry, metal industry some high-grade occasions. However, the degradation of PVC is poor, has a negative impact on environmental protection, some developed countries abroad have begun to develop alternative products in this area.

Heat sensitive paper

The coating of high thermosensitive thermal processing of paper material, high sensitivity of the material can be suitable for low voltage print head, so on the print head wear minimal. Heat sensitive paper is devoted to electronics, said the cash register of a thermal paper, thermal paper to test the simplest way: on a piece of paper on a nail force across, leave a black scratches. Thermal paper suitable for cold storage, refrigerator shelf sign.

Clothing label

In view of the characteristics of the clothing itself, the commonly used clothing label multi with double-sided coated paper, for clothing label coated paper thickness between the 160g-300g. But too thick clothing label application in printing, and label printer to print clothing label should be in about 180g to ensure good printing effect, and can protect the print head.

Application of tags:

Our company can according to the customer need to customize various specifications of the copperplate paper, pet label paper, PVC label paper and clothing label, washing mark, and provide supplies supporting consulting services.

Label application sample:

Packing: shipping labels, packaging, transportation, postal parcel mail address labels, envelopes marked goods.

Electrical appliances: mobile internal labels, all kinds of electrical tags, notebook computer tags, electronic and mechanical products.

Products: price tags, product description labels, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.

Management: the book label, label, label, property security inspection tag.

Office: file documents, file labels, all kinds of items and stationery labels.

Production: raw materials, processing products, finished labels, inventory management labels.

Chemical: paint material, gasoline engine oil product packaging labels and all kinds of special solvent products.

Other: anti false tag, encryption tag, anti-theft tag.

Jewelry: Jewelry label, not easy to paste on the commodity label.

Clothing: clothing label, washing label.

Airport: boarding pass and luggage tag.

Ticket: train ticket, coach ticket.

Other: parking tickets, highway toll ticket.

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