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OS-314PLUs 300dpi
R-400zip barcode printer has 6ips (150mm/scc) high-speed barcode label printing performance and 203dpi (8 dots/mm) high-definition label printer print head. It is the most suitable barcode printing tool for general industrial and commercial fields. ·The barcode machine has a built-in 32bit super CPU and super memory 2MB DRAM and 1MB FLASH. ·The lift-up printing module of the bar code machine can quickly install the ribbon and paper. ·The barcode machine is small in size and large in capacity, and can be equipped with 300M ribbon and 200M labeling.
X-2200V new economical industrial-grade bar code printer, it not only uses the previous metal shell design, 4MB Flash and 8MB DRAM memory design, can excellently handle graphics and large-capacity data printing; in the application of power management efficiency, it uses Switching Power Supply (switching power supply), which greatly meets the harsh power environment of industrial applications; and comprehensively improve the print head manufacturing process and a new thermal control, while taking into account the optimization of print quality, more effectively enhance the use of the printer Long life, it is an economical barcode printer with high cost performance.
The A-200J barcode printer has a novel appearance design and a transparent window design on the upper cover, which is convenient for users to check the status of the paper roll and replace it in real time. The label positioning set in the center is suitable for the printing of various labels of different widths, with excellent printing performance, which absolutely meets the bar code printing needs of general office management. The printing speed reaches 102mm per second, and the unique "real-time temperature control technology" of ARGOX can keep the bar code printing quality clear and tidy at this high speed. Bar code printers are small in size, light in weight, easy to move, and provide the most convenient use in business. The center-aligned label positioning method is suitable for the positioning of labels with different widths from 25mm-100mm.
OS-260 barcode printer is a brand-new product of ARGOX striving for perfection. It inherits all the features of the best-selling OS-214 barcode printer. The larger Flash Memory is 4MB, and the 32-bit microprocessor can store larger data files. And multi-tasking interface settings (parallel port, serial port and USB interface) make the communication between the barcode printer and the host more flexible and convenient. The OS-260 barcode printer has perfect printing functions and quality requirements, which is quite suitable for library, hospital, government agency document tracking, office automation, and retail barcode applications.
OX-100 barcode printer is a brand-new product that Argox strives for excellence. In addition to retaining all the features of the original best-selling model OS-214 series, the appearance design is the latest highlight of this product! Streamlined appearance, calm and restrained noble black, it is your best choice for all kinds of applications, whether in shopping malls, government agencies, offices, etc., bring a higher taste of visual enjoyment to the original space! With a high-level appearance, with a 32-bit microprocessor, it can store a larger capacity of document data; diversified interface design makes the communication between the barcode printer and the host more flexible and convenient!
The G-6000 barcode printer is an industrial model specially designed for 6-inch wide-format printing. The exquisite man-machine interface and the original stand-alone operation mode, coupled with ultra-wide printing width and fast printing speed, can be huge Improve user efficiency. The built-in 32-bit multi-tasking microprocessor enables fast response and printing even if a large amount of data is input. Original imported print head, the maximum printing width can reach 6in. (160mm), and it can print at high speed up to 152mm per second. Equipped with a printing mileage recorder, which can read the number and length of printed sheets.
A-2140L has an exquisite and modern design. It provides two communication interfaces: parallel port and bidirectional USB. Built-in 4MB flash memory and 8MB DRAM, 32-bit central processing unit, can process and store larger amounts of data. In terms of paper detection device design, the movable reflective (reflective) paper sensor device can detect a variety of different types of paper, which can be used in medical industry such as patient tracking management, inspection, etc. In terms of current barcode standards, A-2140L can print 1D GS1 Databar, 2D composite and QR Code. A-2140L is an entry-level commercial desktop printer that can create excellent benefits.
OS-2130D/OS-2130DE is a compact desktop label and barcode printer that provides thermal label printing. The main transmission interface is USB 2.0. It can be connected to a notebook computer to perform printing, suitable for various service industries, such as : Cashier counter, weighing, mail sending and receiving, banking, ticketing, patient tracking, store retail, etc. With 4MB flash memory and 8MB SDRAM, and built-in RTC card (Real Time Clock), users can print time, date and other information on the label without using a computer, and the alarm function can remind users of the paper roll Conditions such as exhaustion or paper jam. In addition to USB, the transmission interface also includes RS-232, RJ11 (for connecting to the cash drawer) and built-in
Multifunctional new X-2000V industrial barcode printer, unique "offline printing" function, can be directly connected to ordinary computer keyboard or barcode scanner for data input through the standard PS/2 interface, no need to set up additional computer and printer controller Perform stand-alone independent operation. The LCD display on the panel makes installation, setting and operation easier and more convenient. Its built-in 32-bit RISC microprocessor makes the printing speed up to 6 inches per second, and of course it also includes 4MB Flash memory and 8MB SDRAM. In addition to the above, it is easy to select internal or external ribbons; adjustable thermal print head pressure, and carbon In addition to major improvements such as fine-tuning with elasticity, the high-sensitivity penetrating paper sensor can easily detect various tags. X-2000V easy
The X-3200 industrial barcode printer uses a high resolution of 300dpi, which makes the printing effect of text and pictures clearer. This advantage makes the X-3200 barcode printer, which seems to be load-bearing, effective for printing cloth labels, security labels, jewelry labels and other fine labels. X-3200 uses a 32-bit processing chip, the printing speed reaches 5ips, and the daily printing volume reaches 20,000 labels. 8MB of memory and 16MB of motherboard DRAM can be used to store and process more precise and complex graphics and text output. The optional clock card can print the time and date on the label, making the application range wider. Built-in RS-232, parallel port, USB interface makes it can be connected with your
IMPULS industrial-grade barcode printers, with metal construction, are sturdy and reliable, and can be used in harsh industrial environments to meet most storage/manufacturing and commercial application requirements. It is simple and fast to set up, comes standard with free label design and printing software, and provides superior printing quality at an economical price. It is the best choice among industrial printers.
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