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New Beiyang BTP-6300I
New Beiyang Industrial Label Pri
Beiyang SNBC BTP-A6T
New Beiyang Thermal Paper Label
New Beiyang Barcode Printer BTP-
BTP-M280 is a 9-pin serial impact dot matrix receipt printer. It has the characteristics of high printing quality, fast speed, stable performance, etc., and is widely used in receipt printing in POS systems, catering industry, financial terminals and other fields.
Thermal/thermal transfer industrial label printer, the whole machine adopts all-metal structure design, has a printing speed of 150mm/s, can adapt to various complex and busy working environments; the operation panel has 3 multi-function control buttons and LCD display The screen can easily perform various operations and configurations on the printer, which is a great value choice for high-intensity printing applications Application areas: logistics, clothing, manufacturing, electronics, retail, tobacco Product certification: CCC RoHS
BTP-2000H is a series of thermal/thermal transfer industrial radio frequency label printers. Through the built-in advanced high frequency/ultra high frequency RFID reading and writing module, data can be quickly written into RFID smart labels, and bar codes can be continuously printed on the label surface. And characters; the fuselage is designed with an all-metal structure, which can adapt to various complex working environments, and can meet the application needs of logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and retail industries. Application areas: logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, retail Product Certification: CCC
BTP-L42 is a compact thermal/thermal transfer desktop label printer. The product is designed based on a mature software and hardware technology platform and combined with a new structural concept. It has the characteristics of novel and compact appearance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Very suitable for office applications with small operating space. Application areas: medical care, supermarkets, government, finance, logistics Product certification: CCC UL RoHS
BTP-2000KN is a thermal/thermal transfer industrial label printer, using a new type of diamond-like hard protective film print head, enhanced wear resistance and corrosion resistance, can meet the requirements of high-strength, large-scale printing; The all-metal structure design can adapt to various complex working environments; the standardized modular design makes the operation simple and convenient. Application areas: logistics, clothing, manufacturing, electronics, medicine, tobacco
BTP-L520/L540 is a series of thermal desktop bar code label printers. The product is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed microprocessor and 8MB SDRAM. It has powerful label data preprocessing and buffering functions, and can output bar code labels at a high speed of 152mm/s; Abundant extension components such as Chinese LCD and peeler. Application areas: medical, retail, logistics, government Product Certification: CCC ROHS
The BTP-2200E/2300E series is a classic model among thermal/thermal transfer desktop label printers. The product adopts a large-capacity consumable structure design, which can accommodate a carbon ribbon with a length of 300m and a paper roll with a diameter of 127mm. In addition, it also has its unique features in terms of reliability of key components and human-machine interface. Application areas: medical care, supermarkets, jewelry, clothing, education, government, communications, finance, logistics, electronics Product certification: CCC CB CE FCC UL RoHS
BTP-2200X is a new prescription printer developed by New Beiyang for hospital electronic prescription printing. It adopts professional thermal transfer printing technology and inherits the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable performance and high reliability of the New Beiyang barcode label printer. Hospital electronic prescription printing provides new value options. Application field: Medical
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