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Postek G-2108D/G-3106D
Postek G-2108D/G-3106D dual-line LCD display, the printing status is clear at a glance; offline operation function with a sturdy and compact body, and an external PS/2 interface keyboard can be connected at any time to adapt to a variety of printing occasions; innovative convection heat dissipation structure , Can easily carry long-time and high-load workload, the maximum printing speed can reach 5 inches/sec; the maximum can load 360 meters of carbon tape, 120 meters of label paper, convenient and worry-free, super large capacity comparable to industrial-grade printers;
Postek C168
Postek C168 barcode printer is economical and practical, cost-saving, and truly value for money; bit super CPU, 2MB large memory and 360m ribbon loading; paper detector position is adjustable; PosLabel editing software is powerful, perfect layout, easy and comfortable; Optional external label paper processing device; precise innovation, superb craftsmanship, clear and delicate printing effect.
Postek TX2/TX3/TX6
Postek TX2/TX3/TX6 stable and durable fixed movement frame (national patent technology); original print head pressure adjustment mechanism (national patent technology); support PPL-E, PPL-D, PPL-Z three printing instructions, compatible Stronger performance and higher cost performance, which can be a perfect substitute for other similar products; super information processing ability, massive output, shocking high speed; industrial grade print head with high anti-friction performance;
Postek I200/I300
Postek I200/I300 barcode printer has high-quality reinforced design, all-metal structure, sturdy and durable, reliable performance; high-performance 32-bit ARM processor, with large-capacity memory and high-speed interface, faster response; embedded real-time clock/calendar, labels Accurately display the time and date of the operation; the Poslabel label editing software included with the machine is powerful, free of charge, and easy to use.
Postek G-2108/G-3106
Postek G-2108/G-3106 barcode printer has a compact body that can easily carry long-term and high-load workloads, and the maximum printing speed is truly 4 inches per second; it adopts imported industrial-grade print heads, which are durable and beautiful; the maximum load capacity is 300 meters of carbon ribbon, 120 meters of label paper, convenient and worry-free; removable paper detector, flexible to adapt to different specifications of label positioning; the most advanced microprocessor in the field of industrial control, powerful processing capabilities, the leader in similar models;
Postek R120
? Adopt adaptive speed technology (national patent technology), industrial-grade label roll processing device, high efficiency and high quality; ? Reasonable structure, convenient installation, safe use, high-speed rewinding; ? Perfectly combined with the label printer, automatically winding out neat and beautiful label rolls;
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