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Beiyang BTP-2100E

New Beiyang Thermal Paper Label
Product Details
  Beiyang BTP-2100E barcode printer has a compact appearance and excellent performance. It is an ideal office barcode printer and can accommodate paper rolls with a maximum diameter of 127mm. It is suitable for real-time label printing/product label batch printing/transportation, logistics label printing/fixed asset management, warehouse management, medical equipment management, library management, supermarket management and other fields.
  Beiyang BTP-2100E label and barcode printer is equipped with a high-performance processor. It is sensitive to data processing and has a fast response. It has a printing resolution of 203DPI, a printing width of 108mm, a 32bit RISC microprocessor used by the CPU, and 2MB of memory., Support continuous paper, character enlargement, character rotation and other functions. The use of new technology can more ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Features of Beiyang BTP-2100E printer:
Thermal/thermal transfer printing 
Using 32-bit high-speed microprocessor 
Maximum printing width 104mm 
Maximum printing speed 75mm/s 
Maximum paper roll outer diameter 127mm 
Using thermal history and temperature adaptive control 
Support continuous high-speed printing of changing data 
Support various one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode printing 
Adopt high-life print head, print head pressure is adjustable 
Open structure design, easy to install consumables
Beiyang BTP-2100E printer parameters:
Printing parameters  
  Printing method: thermal/thermal transfer 
  Resolution: 8 dots/mm (203 DPI)  
  Printing width (Max.): 104 mm 
  Printing speed (Max.): 75 mm/s 
  Memory: SDRAM: 2MB FLASH: 1MB 
  Communication interface: RS-232 serial port 
  Parallel port or USB can choose one 
  Paper sensor: fixed transmission sensor 
  Ribbon sensor: reflective sensor 
Barcode type    
  Various commonly used one-dimensional codes 
 PDF417, MAXICODE, QR code and other QR codes 
character set    
  Built-in fonts: 9 bitmap fonts and 6 smooth fonts 
  Custom fonts: users can download to SDRAM, FLASH 
Character processing 
  Character magnification: horizontal and vertical can be stepped magnification 1-8 times 
  Character rotation: Rotate printing (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees) 
Graphics processing    
  Binary unformatted bitmap, HEX, PCX, BMP and IMG image files can be downloaded to FLASH, SDRAM 
  Paper width (Max.): 118 mm 
  Paper roll outer diameter (Max.): 127 mm 
  Inner diameter of paper roll: 25~38 mm 
  Paper type: continuous paper, barcode label paper, marking paper, perforated paper, etc. 
  Paper output method: rewind, tear off 
  Printable barcode ribbon length (Max.): 300 m 
  Ribbon inner diameter: 25 mm 
Operation interface    
  3 keys 3 lights  
Power Adapter    
  Input: AC 110~240V, 50/60Hz 
  Output: DC 24V, 2.5A 
  Working environment: 5℃~45℃, 20%~90%(40℃) 
  Storage environment: -40℃~60℃, 20%~93%(40℃) 
Physical characteristics    
  Dimensions: 300mm(L)×252mm(W)×190mm(H) 
  Weight: about 3.5 Kg 
Safety certification 3C 
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