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CK3X mobile computer

The highly adaptable design enables various CK3Xs to give full play to the performance potential of their work processes, improve their business indicators, simplify IT support and control operating costs under the premise of application.
CK3X mobile computer
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  • Rugged and durable  -can withstand multiple drops from 1.5 meters (5 feet) to concrete in all operating temperature ranges, IP54 sealing rating, protection against rain and dust
  • Scanning  -select the integrated comprehensive motion tolerance 2D imaging area or two-dimensional near/far area imaging to support high-performance, omnidirectional scanning
  • Radio  -Support industry standard 802.11 a/??b/g standard/n and Bluetooth wireless adaptive communication
  • Battery  -industry-leading battery performance will continue a complete shift and surpass
  • Processor  -equipped with 1GHz multi-engine, a powerefficient Texas Instruments processor, 256MB RAM and 1GB flash memory
  • Voice  -support Vocollect voice voice guidance workflow combined with traditional barcode data collection
  • -Optional RFID reader installed on-site to adapt to changing data collection needs

Today’s business pace and competitiveness, it’s no secret that customers expect accurate order delivery time and no damage, every time. Putting cost-effective production processes and technologies in place to improve the performance of employees and work processes, the success of operations is critical.

This CK3X fits your timetable for achieving these results, its successful experience in the family tree, easy deployment and fast return on investment. The CK3 model extends the popular ergonomic design, the CK3X needs the best to make it even better, giving you the power to put precision and productivity in the hands of your workers.

The CK3X option comes with integrated area standard range or range far/near scan imaging. These imagers provide unparalleled 1D and 2D bar code scanning performance, especially suitable for reading poor quality or damaged codes. Support for omnidirectional scanning and very high motion tolerance allows workers to capture accurate scans and quickly move to the next task.

With a highly adaptable design, CK3X supports 802.11 A/B/G/n and Bluetooth® wireless, as well as an optional RFID reader accessory. Specially designed to support Vocollect voice, you can quickly combine the results of the relevant proofs of the workflow with voice guidance, it is in the same device or combined with the traditional barcode data collector.

Avoid downtime and equipment, it is truly durable. The CK3X can withstand multiple drops from 1.5 meters (5 feet) to concrete (across all operating temperatures), and provides industry-leading battery life performance that will continue to pass a complete transfer and beyond-no more interruptions, replacement Battery or rechargeable battery. Most importantly, this is no traditional rugged equipment, in the same class of volume and size.

Converting CK3X from other computers is as easy as CloneNGo. Our breakthrough device configuration makes it easy to "clone" the device to set an unlimited number of devices from a single main unit with the device configuration tool. The latest Microsoft® Windows embedded handheld device operating system and broad compliance with the latest industry standards, such as HTML5 means that CK3X is compatible with the widest range of software applications-from warehouse management systems and other critical tasks through our PartnerNet independent service provider development tools (ISV) community.

Legacy applications are backward compatible, and the optional Intermec client package includes terminal emulation and lock browsers to simplify migration. Plus CK3X is compatible with existing CK3 accessories, so you can upgrade to the latest technology without additional investment in chargers, multi-function docks, and scanning processing.

Take your business performance with CK3X to a new level. Part of Intermec's mature enterprise business solutions, CK3X expands your data collection options while reducing IT burden-giving you a real competitive advantage.

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