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CN4 mobile computer

With the integration of 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged and feature-rich Intermec CN4 series of mobile computers can operate in the most demanding environment for enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of high-bandwidth data collection and communication to achieve worker productivity. Improve and expand the services provided by its revenue and reduce expenses.
CN4 mobile computer
Product Details


  • 3.5G wireless technology improves worker productivity while supporting voice and data tasks
  • Completely sturdy and durable equipment and accessories, despite the bumps, knocks, dust and dirt (IP64 sealing rating and 1.8m drop specification)
  • Successful expansion of CN3 series
  • Enhanced mobile document image captures full-page documents without the use of additional equipment or service areas
  • Integrated GPS for unprecedented visibility of worker routes
  • Industry standard platform to ensure that equipment will be integrated quickly and easily
  • Intermec's full set of development tools reduces development costs and schedules
  • The complete service of the medal provides protection to prevent not included in the budget and increase in maintenance costs

product description

With the integration of 3.5G WWAN technology, the fully rugged Intermec CN4 further expands the CN3 wireless function settings, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of high-bandwidth WAN data collection and communication, worker productivity to achieve greater benefits, and on-site Service.

The CN4 series is not only the most rugged device in their class, meeting the IP64 seal and drop specification of 1.8 meters (6 feet), but it also has field-proven, built-in software support designed to achieve a wide range of compatible peripherals, a wide range of applications in transportation, field service And direct storage delivery environment.

In addition to 3.5G UMTS / HSPA and CDMA / EVDO REV A technology, as well as a complete set of accessories and application development tools, the CN4 series is also equipped with a powerful combination radio technology, including integrated GPS, Cisco CCX compatible WIFI, Bluetooth®, Enable enterprises to deploy and dynamically manage resources to the right location and provide the intelligence their mobile workers need to improve customer responsiveness and reduce inventory and transportation costs.

The CN4 series uses an optional imaging application called Intermec's Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (EMDI) to convert paper files into electronic files in a fast and reliable way for mobile workers. EMDI simplifies back-office operations and improves the cash flow to reduce the billable time for providing services, because the delivery confirmation can be filmed on-site and transmitted wirelessly to the home office. Your business obtains real-time access to file images. Through the corporate system, it can be used to answer customer queries, issue invoices, and update records.

The CN4 series event verification tool can be used as an optional color camera to enable workers to document service or vehicle inspections. The CN4 series has a touch screen display and provides an ultra-thin expandable battery, which provides an easy-to-carry power supply to support full transformation.

Because the CN4 series is an extension of the popular Intermec CN3 mobile computer series in the tested platform architecture, customers can rely on the CN3 and CN4 series, as well as the fully compatible API between Microsoft Windows Mobile®6.1 and Internet Explorer 6 , Wireless and mobile options and accessories.

The CN4 series of industry standard platforms ensure that the equipment will be quickly and easily integrated with existing systems. Comprehensive software tools, combined with a wide range of peripheral compatibility, shorten deployment time.

Intermec's SmartSystems™ manages the total cost of lifetime ownership of the CN4 series to a minimum. One-step configuration allows you to quickly deploy your employees of the CN4 series to reduce promotion costs. Regular system and software updates and CN4 series configuration changes are applied remotely to keep the costs related to system maintenance low and keep your computer performing in the best condition.

The North American wireless WAN deployment can be activated with Intermec ReadicareSM WWAN and provide services quickly and easily. Intermec's medal support service can also help keep your mobile staff around the world.

CN4 provides the ability to prepare boxed roads, and the company has the opportunity to deploy to new business areas to increase its liquidity and return on investment.

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