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CS40 mobile computer

Intermec's CS40 is a professional device designed for the mobile field, who needs productivity and reliability beyond smartphones. CS40 enables companies to improve their business processes, expand customer products, increase revenue and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobile solution to the point where it needs it most-on the front lines.
CS40 mobile computer
Product Details


Integrated 2D imager and 3.2 million pixel color camera
1.2m drop tolerance and IP54 sealing
196g battery
included 4 radios, including UMTS 3.75G and global positioning system (GPS)
Windows Mobile 6.5
Intermec SmartSystems™ client
digital or QWERTY The backlit keyboard is
uneven and sleek
Intermec CS40 is designed for professionals in the mobile field, who need to surpass the productivity and reliability of smartphones. The CS40 is Intermec's smallest rugged mobile computer. It combines durability, advanced 3.75G voice and data communications, and integrated high-performance 1D/2D scanning functions in the size and style of smartphones. It is designed to connect your mobile employees to real-time access to corporate business information and data exchange.
CS40 runs the key business applications of enterprises, enabling enterprises to improve their business processes, expand customer products, increase revenue and reduce the cost and complexity of a field mobile solution to the point where it is most needed-on the front lines.
CS40 has no drops in productivity.
Intermec is a world-leading mobile computing device designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, and CS40?? is no exception. Durability is indispensable in the design of the CS40. It can withstand multiple drops of 1.2 meters to specific corners and sides as IP54, which means it is sealed to prevent rain, moisture and dust.
The professional design of CS40 provides the best ergonomics and consumer styling. However, when different consumer-grade devices, the battery is packaged in a single sturdy package to prevent the device from being discarded when it is disconnected. In addition, the CS40?? backlit keyboard is wear-resistant, and the glass of the touch panel has been chemically enhanced for the mobile device during its lifetime.
Comprehensive scanning without compromise
CS40 uses the mature Intermec EA11 imaging to provide a familiar "laser-like" sight, and provides high-speed, accurate reading of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes in any direction. The ideal two-dimensional bar code, including the DataBar (replacing UPC and EAN) symbols with tracking and tracing capabilities, such as expanded use, CS40?? is a perfect fit for inventory management, ordering, light processing delivery and inventory management applications. The uncompromising design also includes a high-performance 3-megapixel color camera and flash to take photos, mark them, and send them to the office for review.
Excellent voice and data quality
CS40 and industry-leading mobile phone technology as the core, with excellent voice quality and the latest 3.75G wireless wide area network wireless provides the fastest data and voice communication UMTS network. CS40 provides fast and reliable data, large file upload, real-time image or synchronization with enterprise data based on the use of high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) technology and high-performance antenna connection.
Further features
The CS40's multi-processor architecture provides high performance and can support powerful features to meet the demanding schedule of mobile workers, all at low power consumption levels. This architecture ensures that the CS40 standard battery is suitable for uninterrupted and trouble-free operation, and fully shifts to the longest uptime of the entire working day, even on the brightly powered 2.8-inch QVGA display, which can easily browse the full sun.
In order to simplify charging, CS40?? uses a MicroUSB interface, a universal mobile phone charger, to reduce the complexity of device-specific charging cables. In addition, the CS40?? automatic charging solution has four units on the charging plug anywhere in the world.
Mobile professionals can use the integrated GPS radio to reduce drive time and lower fuel costs, by improving the navigation of new customer locations. The built-in accelerometer allows the CS40 to rotate and display the orientation of the device based on it, improving user experience and efficiency.
The CS40 uses Bluetooth®V2.1 + EDR wireless headsets, Intermec mobile printers and other Bluetooth compatible devices to provide simple and secure wireless connections. The Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio is CCX V4 compatible, and enables fast and secure voice communication or end synchronization with corporate networks.
Business Readiness
With Intermec’s SmartSystems™ pre-installed with CS40, IT managers can quickly, easily and safely provide, configure, and deploy application software, device settings and policies remotely located on CS40 devices from their desks conveniently. The software can also automatically update the system and software in the SmartSystemsTM stage, as well as configuration changes, to keep the continuous system maintenance cost low, and perform in the best condition of your CS40s.
As an added convenience, remotely located mobile professionals can use SmartSystems ScanNGo beyond the capabilities of WWAN to load gold from their IT department and simply scan the barcode when they receive the configuration and application of their new or replacement device file.
Through Intermec's development library, software developers can access a comprehensive software toolkit to simplify application development and shorten deployment time. In addition, Skynax can provide liquidity support and connection functions, such as safe and reliable data communication, device management, and customer-specific business data rules in any type of connection.
CS40 is a set of fully integrated system components, including peripherals and accessory support.

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