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CN3e mobile data terminal

A mid-scale expansion of the popular CN3 mobile computing platform, the rugged CN3e combination of functional enlarged keyboards requires intensive key-based data entry for field mobile applications. Very suitable for DSD and ITV, CN3e combination provides optional integrated GPS, rich voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE), and a complete series of user-installed accessories.
CN3e mobile data terminal
Product Details


  • Expanded keys and rich communication options, suitable for the needs of mobile workers in the field
  • Share structure and accessories with popular CN3
  • Rugged design and field usage with integrated antenna
  • Color camera options provide powerful tools for applications requiring high-resolution documents

product description

The extension of the popular and mature CN3 mobile computer is completely rugged and durable. It has large buttons, integrated GPS and powerful communication options, making it an ideal handheld key-based, data-intensive delivery application.

Part of the CN3 series, the CN3e portfolio shares a common architecture with the same operating system, wireless options and accessories. This provides customers with a single hardware platform that supports multiple work environments and end user needs. This common platform approach not only minimizes interference, through faster deployment time, but also simplifies maintenance and support for mobile deployment throughout the enterprise expansion, all of which reduce TCO.

The CN3e portfolio provides a fully integrated, independent Global Positioning System (GPS), as well as Wi-Fi wireless, Bluetooth and WWAN voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE™), allowing mobile workers to maximize Its efficiency on the road. This further enhances the CN3e portfolio to support seamless voice and data communications, connect peripherals, easy integration into company networks, and satellite-based navigation services to maximize fleet efficiency. The CN3e combination also features large, hard keycaps, a touch screen display, a 6-foot drop specification, and a wide temperature tolerance range.

Because the CN3e portfolio provides access to information points, it is very suitable for direct store delivery, pick-up and delivery, visibility on the way, and mobile applications in the cab. Mobile workers can dig into the information they need at their fingertips and intelligence to work most effectively and efficiently.

The CN3e combination will give customers mobile RFID read/write functions, enabling them to meet their current and future application needs through an optional embedded RFID handle.

CN3e's combined operation of Windows Mobile® supports direct push of real-time connection between wireless e-mails and corporate networks. The CN3e combination is used under the premise of supporting Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX), ensuring seamless interoperability in Cisco's infrastructure.

The Intermec SmartSystems™ supported by CN3e combination provides comprehensive system and complete equipment management, enabling installation, application software maintenance or update, security adjustments, and equipment settings to be automatically managed remotely, reducing on-site downtime.

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