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CK70 super rugged mobile computer

Intermec's CK70 is a next-generation, ultra-rugged mobile computing solution. The specially designed design is optimized for the demanding express and parcel environment, which beneficially improves user efficiency and improves customer service and service level agreement compliance.
Product Details


  • 12% smaller and lighter than the leading equipment in the ultra-rugged category
  • Excellent computing performance and application response time
  • Flexible wireless technology provides the best network coverage and excellent solutions to achieve the lowest cost routing strategy
  • The industry's fastest imaging engine provides excellent motion tolerance, laser aiming system, optimized scanning angle, to achieve the highest productivity
  • Onboard diagnostics and InControl's managed services provide visibility of equipment health
  • Best-in-class battery life and longer runtime
  • Part of Intermec's comprehensive enterprise, business solutions, including printers, application software, communications, peripherals and accessories
  • Non-flammable hazardous location option CK70

We have not compromised and neither should you

Today's express delivery, parcel and postal services are in a race against time. Dimly lit trucks and warehouses, damaged barcodes, incorrect addresses, jagged wireless coverage, and extreme weather pose endless challenges to improve customer service and SLA compliance goals.

When it comes to choosing the best rugged and durable mobile commerce solution to help you achieve these goals, you often face another challenge: to meet the needs and preferences of IT, operations and equipment users without making a choice.

Intermec is the first to provide an uncompromising solution with the CK70 ultra-rugged mobile computer. CK70 meets your challenges with next-generation features, focusing on improving efficiency and orbit tracking and delivering application proofs that provide unparalleled reliability even under the most extreme conditions. Extend the use of non-flammable certification (theology) CK70 CK70 to enter hazardous locations.

CK70 is specially optimized for design, parcel express (CEP) and postal environment. Another 12%, smaller size, lighter weight, than other form factors in its super sturdy category, CK70 supports workers in this fast-moving, mobile environment, a special application keyboard layout, both slender and backlight can be effortless, Use one-handed all day long.

Intermec has developed the industry's fastest imaging engine that can scan barcodes to move up to 12.7 meters (500) per second, enabling the CK70 to provide excellent mobility and high read rates, even in a highly dynamic working environment. CK70 aiming system, with bright white LED lighting and a red laser aiming optimization, under all lighting conditions, the project is down 35° angle, making the barcode on the package easier to scan, allowing your mobile workers to view it on the mobile computer screen , Scan at the same time.

Reliability you can count on

Scratches, damaged displays and missing or unreadable keys not only slow down your workers, they reflect the poor image of your company. The CK70 includes a brilliant VGA display and a wear-resistant Gorilla™ glass touch panel, and the old touch screen technology provides twice the service life. The industrial-grade polycarbonate keys and the indestructible laser etching legend ensure that the CK70 stays in the hands of the workers, not the repair station.

The 70-series uncompromising approach includes options to choose a processor that best suits your needs. CK70 provides two different, industrial-grade multi-engine superscalar processors to provide higher performance and lower power consumption. The choice between TI OMAP3 1GHz and TI OMAP3 600MHz. Both provide the speed and reliability expected from the 70 series.

By combining the multi-processor architecture, it can provide up to three times the performance, at half the power consumption of the traditional processor, with the country’s most advanced battery health diagnosis, you can rely on the CK70 to provide the required power and performance, you need even Your longest route, and reduce the cost of battery replacement.

The CK70 continues its uncompromising design of radio connections. The wide-area solution includes a flexible network ™ data radio operating on any type of network; it provides dynamic network selection capabilities on and off, eliminating the need for multiple pools of equipment dedicated to a network. CK70 also provides UMTS/HSUPA and CDMA/EV-DO version A voice, data and WWAN radio options.

Power works smarter

We have surrounded CK70 with a complete set of intelligent business solutions, software, tools, services and training modules to create a smooth and smart integration into your work process.

Every 70 series mobile computer is pre-installed with Intermec's ScanNGo client to provide high-quality equipment supply experience to simplify and speed up equipment staging. The independent ScanNGo client enables CK70 users to provide configuration and automatically download application software, even more than WWAN through a simple pre-configured barcode reading in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

When the CK70 is added with Intermec's VERDEX software , the parcel is picked up at the door, and the delivery worker puts all the technology and needs to verify the address data of the mobile application powered by VERDEX as soon as possible. This reduces the size and related costs of undeliverable items by correcting address errors before they enter your system or reach your sorting hub. By providing visibility into the project time earlier than the current progress, VERDEX and CK70 allow you to achieve better downstream planning

Intermec's application development resource kit allows you to use barcode imagers, cameras, keyboards, touch screens, GPS receivers, sensors, and other input sources to develop new services for your customers' data in innovative ways. If your previous Intermec products used Intermec's resource kit to develop applications, you can easily migrate them to CK70.

Prevent it before there is a problem,

Today's pace and corporate competitiveness must not miss the deadline. Success depends on your ability to identify and prevent problems from affecting your mobile workers’ productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The insight provided by the only device health report function of the CK70 mobile computer has never allowed mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent problems before they affect operations. Subsystems including scanning, communication and battery life can be monitored by mobile workers via the dashboard or remotely via Intermec's SmartSystems™ console, leading to optimization and better use of your mobile computing assets.

For customers who want a trusted partner to take the day-to-day, manage and troubleshoot their mobile devices and infrastructure WLAN/WWAN tasks, Intermec's InControl is managed through a hosted web  service The portfolio provides a flexible, integrated mobile device and wireless network management service based on a tool set. Through InControl's technical expert Intermec company or one of the qualified partner members, to undertake these tasks, allowing customers to effectively track assets, secure network investment, and achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Based on shared platform

CK70 is just out of four ergonomic designs and is available in one model of the 70 series. Each model includes options for radio, keyboard, imaging, software and services, providing you with customized specific solutions to meet the preferences and needs of your environment and your employees in various application areas.

A single platform approach, unique capabilities in the 70 series to reduce infrastructure complexity and cost. A single computer architecture, software construction, 70 series of products shared between peripherals and charging systems bring simple software updates and frequent tasks, new employee training, management of spare parts pool and charging equipment.

Infrastructure replacement to break this cycle

Supports all 70 series products, designed to maximize your return on investment in charging and communication infrastructure, and greatly reduce the space you have to invest in a new docking system. Called back to FlexDock , the system uses a common 2- or 4-digit base, combined with any combination of cups for mobile computers and battery packs, to suit your specific needs.

In addition to wall-mounted installation, FlexDock provides expanded installation options, better room utilization and smaller space requirements to facilitate the use of standard IT equipment racks.

When it's time to upgrade equipment, reduce costs and complexity, because the existing cups can be easily replaced with new cups corresponding to next-generation solutions, allowing the original base and supporting components to be reused.

The reliability your customers expect

When the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of your operations are based on your competitive advantage, there is no room for compromise. Intermec's CK70 mobile computer series and 70 series provide unparalleled performance and reliability, enabling you to run your operations with confidence.

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