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1560 Bluetooth scanner

The fast and reliable 1560 Bluetooth wireless red light scanner can help you effectively increase productivity and speed up your workflow. The 1560's 2500 pixel optical scanning read head not only has a speed of up to 200 decodings per second, but also can read a variety of barcode types with a single tool, and its multiple functions are sure to meet all your operational requirements. Need to capture data at the warehouse site? Absolutely no problem! The direct viewing distance of the 1560 Bluetooth wireless scanner from the communication stand is up to 90 meters. Even outside this range, it can switch to batch mode and record more than 30,000 scans. The 1-year warranty period ensures the quality and reliability of CipherLab.
1560 Bluetooth scanner
Product Details

Bluetooth Communication Level 2
workflow rapid processing, decoding of up to 200 times / sec
depth of 0.5 to 35 cm, resolution 3 mil, 30% PCS more
compact and lightweight, ergonomically designed, easy to use for a long time
using an acrylonitrile - butoxy Diene-styrene copolymer (ABS) material, can withstand the impact of multiple drops from a height of 1.2 meters to the concrete floor. The protection level is IP30. The
communication bracket can provide up to 7 scanners with Bluetooth wireless support.
Innovative triple One desktop/wall mounted/automatic induction bracket
No moving parts, reliable service, low cost of ownership
Supports multiple languages ​​and barcode types, suitable for global applications, including free ScanMaster software

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