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1504 scanner

The 1504 wired 2D barcode scanner combines diversified functions, allowing you to perform various applications faster and more efficiently. It can support one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, and can read common two-dimensional barcodes on medicine bags and high-density one-dimensional barcodes as small as 3mil. The option of automatic sensor scanning provides additional convenience and comfort for workers who need to scan barcodes intensively. The 1504 wired 2D barcode scanner, with multiple functions and fast scanning features, is definitely the best choice for retail, medical and post offices.
1504 scanner
Product Details

Multifunctional scanner suitable for retail, healthcare, and public services. The
scanning speed can reach 60 times per second, making the workflow faster and more accurate.
Supports one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, and can read high-density one-dimensional as small as 3mil Barcode hand-
free scanning mode selection, especially suitable for busy retail applications.
Lightweight and ergonomic design, suitable for long-term repeated use.
With free ScanMaster software, it can support multiple languages ​​and different barcode selections around the world

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