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1000 scanner

Scanning is fast, easy, and accurate, with extremely stable and reliable performance, low cost, and 1 year warranty, so you can enjoy real value. The 1000 contact scanner can speed up the processing process and reduce scanning errors (especially when the bar code printing pitch is too close or the print quality is poor), thereby improving the work efficiency of the checkout channel, the store and the printing center. It does not produce laser light, is safe and comfortable to use, durable and reliable, and is suitable for extremely harsh environments. The 1000 contact scanner is a durable and reliable tool that provides 100% productivity.
1000 scanner
Product Details

The contact image reader can reduce many scanning errors. It
can read barcodes up to 67 mm wide, with a resolution of 3 mil and a PCS value of 30%. It is
durable and reliable. It provides a 1-year warranty and a
wide programming range. It supports three sets of data editing, Interface selection and symbol recognition configuration.
It supports multiple languages for worldwide application; ScanManager software provides
low energy consumption

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