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Casio DT970

casio DT970
Product Details

The main design goal is to create a device that is easy to use in the workplace

The design of the DT-970 series handheld terminal reflects the uncompromising pursuit of the smallest details and the practicality. It has achieved a body design based on the ergonomics of the DT-970 series, which not only satisfies everyone’s comfortable operating feel, but also High-performance products that maintain durability and reliability in many difficult working environments. 970-DT  ----   a workplace concept will be upgraded to real handsets.

Human-oriented design is designed
with the mind of the user

Designing with the minds of users Casio used a human-oriented design concept when designing DT-970 , aiming to create a tool that can be truly operated by both men and women. After evaluating the needs of workers, the design is human-oriented. The test of the user's analysis and perception creates a product that is both convenient for the user to hold and easy to operate with one hand.

Body shape is optimized for easy control

The center of gravity of the DT-970 is positioned at the gravity point for maximum stability when held in the hand. In addition, the shape of the body allows the fingers to rest naturally and close to the recessed design on the back of the body to ensure a firm and comfortable grip. The design emphasizes the creation of a device that can ensure safety and comfort to hold. This ensures that a series of actions such as holding, lifting and grasping can be relaxed and natural. The shape design on the back of the fuselage allows the fingers to rest and rest naturally, while ensuring a stable and firm grip. This handheld terminal can be held comfortably from above or below, using the left or right hand, ensuring a comfortable experience for long-term operation.

Cleverly designed for easy operation

The thoughtful design details of DT-970 ensure comfortable one-handed operation. The unique top shape promotes the scanner to directly aim at the target at the correct angle. The 3 scanning touch keys ensure reliable and comfortable holding of the terminal regardless of posture Carry out key scanning, circular central trigger key design makes key operation more convenient.

Rugged body
for durable use in demanding application environments

DT-970 is designed to be used in a variety of workplaces, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and field operations. This device can withstand a drop from a height of 2.0 meters to a concrete floor, ensuring that it can work reliably even in environments where it is very difficult to hold or easy to fall.

The equipment complies with IP67* dust and waterproof standards and can operate reliably in sub-zero temperature environments ( as low as -20 º C). This means that in demanding environments including outdoor rain and dusty warehouses Can achieve reliable performance.

* Dust-free entry. Under the specified water pressure strength, when all the covers such as the connector are closed, even if the body is completely immersed in water temporarily and water will not penetrate, the above dust and water resistance are measured by Casio methods. Performance degradation due to aging and falling is not within the scope of supervision.

Convenient key operation Excellent legibility and visibility make operation more convenient

Keyboard designed for easy operation

 The large backlit keyboard design ensures error-free operation even in warehouses and other dark environments. The fuselage and operation keyboard adopt easy-to-distinct colors to further improve the ease of operation.

2.3 -inch high-visibility large LCD screen

DT-970 is  equipped with a  128 x 128  resolution  2.3 inch LCD screen with backlight The display function provided improves the legibility of the screen. Support extended font display ( 2 times) and extended functions such as line display mode. The screen backlight can be set to red flash mode for prompting when an error occurs.

Flexible operation performance can meet the needs of a wide range of workplaces

Power-saving design for long-term operation

Thanks to the built-in node mode design of DT-970 and the effective power management scheme, it can achieve continuous operation for more than 200 hours *1 with only two AA alkaline batteries . In addition, this handheld terminal also supports the use of AA nickel-metal hydride  (NiMH) rechargeable batteries certified by CASIO for operation *2 .

* 1 at room temperature every 10 scan seconds a test environment

*2 Please make sure to use a dedicated NiMH charger. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are not included in the product packaging.

Equipped with two models suitable for different application environments

DT-970 provides two machine models for different operating environments. Users can choose straight-head scanning or downward-bending scanning models according to the operating environment. 

Sample programs can be installed

In order to reduce the workload of developing applications for specific operations, DT-970 can install specific applications, such as cargo in and out of warehouse management, control inventory management, etc.

high-performance products that support a wide range of business applications

Scan angle control

This function can control the emission width of the laser scanning head to prevent wrong reading of adjacent bar codes, thus ensuring fast and accurate scanning. 

High-speed file transfer improves work efficiency

An original high-speed file transfer method reduces the waiting time for sending and receiving data. 

Terminal copy function brings more convenience to maintenance and operation applications

Supports the use of wireless communication Bluetooth / Infrared (Bluetooth® / IrDA inter-terminal copy, you can easily create a clone purchase new equipment or additional terminal when the terminal device. This feature is useful in a variety of environments when maintenance, such as restoration Application installation for repaired terminals and replacement terminals.

The connection with the tablet expands the scope of applications

DT-970 is equipped with Bluetooth® HID protocol files , which can easily establish a wireless connection with a tablet computer. By using the HID device transmission protocol, the barcode on the DT-970 terminal can be realized and the scanned data can be synchronously sent to the tablet computer. This function has achieved remarkable results in various services including customer service and process management. The terminal can be connected to a tablet computer through a USB port to be used as a USB laser scanner.

Technical specifications


32nd CPU
Drop resistance
2.0 meters
Waterproof and dustproof
IP67 standard (in line with IEC60529 standard)
Operating temperature
-20°C ~50°C
8MB (about 3MB user space)
32MB (user area occupies about 28MB)
 5.8cm (2.3 inches) 128x128 resolution monochrome FSTN with difference correction film
Indicator light
3-color (blue, green, red) LED
Power key, CLR key, BS key, S key, 4 direction keys, L/R key, number (letter) key, confirmation key, F1-F8 key, restart switch
Trigger key
3 (center, left and right)
Scan head
Types of
Semiconductor laser
 Laser head type
 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Class2)
Infrared 1.0 compatible (maximum 115.2bps)
Card slot
MicroSD memory card (SDHC) x 1
USB2.0 full speed (maximum 12Mbps)
power supply
 Main battery
AA alkaline batteries x2 (Working time is about 200 hours at room temperature: under the condition of "scanning twice in 10 seconds")
AA Ni-MH battery x2 (Ni-MH battery certified by CASIO)
Storage backup battery
CR2032x1 (storage backup time at room temperature: about 20 days (only use the storage backup battery to store))
Shape (length * width * height)
Approximately 54.0[52.0*]×173.5×25.0[26.9*]mm, *refers to the handheld part
About 215 grams (including AA alkaline batteries x2)


Barcode type
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