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Casio DT-X7

casio DT-X7
Product Details

Innovative, easy-to-use equipment from Casio

Improved scanning performance

The innovative design of the new DT-X7 enables users to aim the scanner at the correct angle and scan successfully in one scan. There are three easy-to-use color scan trigger keys, no matter how the user uses the device. All can be operated comfortably. DT-X7 scanner combines many functions to optimize performance and is suitable for all working environments. These advanced features include recognition capabilities, scan width control, scanning confirmation laser beam, and vibrating reminders, LEDs and / or buzzers to confirm scanning success. DT-X7 supports all standard widely used in the enterprise 1 -dimensional bar code identification. For the logos supported by the device, see " Specifications " on the previous page .

In your hands

DT-X7 is a round concave pattern, suitable for anyone's palm, so that the fingers can be completely relaxed in the concave pattern on the back of the shell. The concave pattern on both sides makes it easier to grasp, and the center of gravity of the device is below the trigger center button. When designing the keyboard, the most frequently used keys are within the reach of the user's thumb. Color buttons can be programmed for easy and effective navigation. These designs make the device feel very balanced when held in the hand, and have the best user experience.

Voice navigation

Built-in high-fidelity speakers and Windows  ® CE 5.0 operating system support sound output. Using voice navigation can develop applications by generating necessary voice files to guide users to perform operations, such as checking goods and conducting price checks. This means that users do not need to look at the results on the screen every time, reducing the tension of repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity.

Cope with harsh conditions

DT-X7 has excellent performance in various environments (including rough operating conditions). It is dust-proof and splash-proof ( IP 54 conforms to the IEC60529 standard), can withstand the impact of falling from a height of 1 meter to the concrete floor, and can operate at temperatures of -10 °C and +50 °C .

Excellent wireless communication

All models of the DT-X7 series have Bluetooth® integration for wireless communication with devices, such as printers and mobile phones. The DT-X7M10R model has a built-in wireless LAN that complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g standard, and security features such as TKIP encryption and 802.1x authentication.

HD LCD screen

DT-X7 has an ultra-clear 2.4 -inch QVGA transflective color LCD to ensure that information and images can be clearly displayed on the screen and are easy to identify. For example, the screen has the ability to display real-time information, and can help store employees who are not familiar with them.

Microsoft ® Windows ® CE 5.0

DT-X7 series adopt Windows ® CE 5.0 operating system. This widely used and reliable operating system was developed for industrial and enterprise equipment, handheld scanners and PDAs . It can well support various development tools and is compatible with common network structures. In addition, Casio's own " common equipment control database " can accurately control the special hardware of DT-X7 (laser scanner, Bluetooth, etc.).



Marvell ® Xscale processor runs at PXA270 416MHz (maximum)
operating system
Microsoft ® Windows ® CE 5.0 English version
64MB (about 40 MB user space)
64MB (approximately 29 MB of user space)
Display screen
Types of
2.4 inch transflective TFT color LCD
240 x 320 dots, 65,536 colors
Indicator light
3 colors (red, orange, green) LED x 1, 2 colors (orange, blue) LED x 1
Number (letter) keys, CLR keys, execution keys, cursor keys, power keys, function keys, F1 to F8 keys, center trigger keys, left/right trigger keys
Trigger key
3 (center, left, right)
Laser scanner
Types of
Semiconductor laser
Scan times
100±20 times per second
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