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The built-in high-speed laser scanner with the latest decoder can read all types of industry standard 1D bar code signs. Higher resolution (0.127 mm) and improved scanning distance (up to 450 mm) ensure the most accurate barcode reading. In addition, the scan width control (laser beam swing angle control) function can prevent misreading of adjacent barcodes. For "scanning completed" confirmation, you can choose a large green indicator light, vibrator, warning device or any combination of these devices according to your working environment.

Two models are available for different occasions: The scanning angle of DT-930M50E is downward, while the scanning angle of DT-940M51E is straight.


Thanks to a high degree of software compatibility, applications developed for the existing Casio DT-900 series handheld terminals (which have been widely installed in the scanning terminal market) can be easily connected to the ports of the DT-930/940 series. In addition to software compatibility, the DT-960IOE basic base and DT-964IOE satellite base of the DT-900 series can also be used in the DT-930/940 series.

This not only saves investment in software and special peripheral equipment, but also can mix DT-930/940 series and DT-900 series.


In addition to 4MB of RAM, DT-930/940 has a 16MB F-ROM storage area, which can be used to back up application software and data. If the user's battery is completely exhausted, data loss can be prevented.


DT-930/940 is designed to withstand harsh working environment. When it falls on the concrete floor from a height of 1.8 meters, it will not affect the normal use of the equipment. It also has good dust and water splash protection, and meets the requirements of the IP54 level of the international IEC60529 standard. DT-930/940 can also operate at extreme temperatures from -20ºC to 50ºC.


With large keys that respond to clicks and touches, error-free operation can be achieved, even when used with gloves. Because the backlit keys are used, the keypad can be operated under poorly illuminated conditions. The STN display has a phase compensation film, which has the maximum brightness and can display large fonts, which greatly improves the visibility of the screen. In addition, the 3-color indicator light (green, blue or red) can be clearly lit to show the status of the device. All these features help to ensure long-term comfortable use in a dark environment like a warehouse.


The latest version of integrated Bluetooth is the standard configuration of all models, and portable Bluetooth label printers can be used for wireless communication, which greatly improves efficiency and improves flexibility. For example, you can print shelf labels on a tape printer right in front of your store's shelves.


Thanks to the energy-saving design and effective power management features of the DT-930/940 series, the equipment has a very long continuous working capacity (approximately 200 hours using two AA alkaline batteries). In addition, DT-930/940 also has two power options: two AA alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.




SH1 (32-bit RISC type)
4 MB (User space: about 1.6 MB)
16 MB (User space: about 12.5 MB)
Display screen
Types of
Monochrome FSTN LCD
128 x 64 dots
font size
6, 8, 10 points
Number of display fonts
6-point mode (6x6 points per font): 210
6-point mode (6x12 points per font): 105 
8-point mode (8x8 points per font): 128
8-point mode (8x16 points per font): 64
10 points Mode (10x10 dots per font): 72
10-point mode (10x20 dots per font): 36
Indicator light
3 colors (blue, green, red) LED
Number (letter) keys, CLR key, BS key, S key, multi-function (left/right) key, F1 to F8 key, power key
Trigger key
2 (left and right sides)
Laser scanner
Types of
Semiconductor laser
Scan times
100 times per second
0.127 mm
Reading distance
DT-930M50E (elbow type)
DT-940M51E (Straight head type)
0 to 400 mm
0 to 450 mm
Readable width
60 to 360 mm (maximum distance)
65 to 390 mm (maximum distance)
Readable logo
EAN8 、 EAN13 、 UPC-A / E 、 CODABAR 、 CODE39 、 CODE93 、 CODE128 / EAN128 、 ITF 、 MSI 、 IATA 、 Industrial 2 of 5
Bluetooth version 1.2 compatible
IrDA 1.1 compatible (maximum: 4 Mbps, maximum 20cm)
volume control
75 dB or higher
Standards compliant
power supply
AA alkaline batteries (2) or lithium ion battery pack
Memory backup
Lithium battery (CR2032)
battery capacity
540 mAh (DT-923LIB)
operation hours
Using AA batteries: Approximately 200 hours  *

*  Under "scanning twice every 10 seconds" and room temperature conditions.
Memory backup time
Use only memory backup battery: 1 month  *
*  Use only memory backup battery and backup at room temperature.
battery capacity
-20 degree celsius to +50degree celsius
operation hours
-20 degree celsius to +70degree celsius
Working humidity
Relative humidity (RH): 10% to 80% (no condensation)
Storage humidity
We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table
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