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Casio DT-X8

casio DT-X8
Product Details

Excellent durability, easy to use, one-handed operation.

The DT-X8 series of handheld terminals provide all kinds of products with strong durability and special requirements that meet the performance characteristics for various extreme and difficult working environments.

DT-X8 series products can exert full durability in extreme working environment, it is designed for maximum toughness and convenient operation. It symbolizes Casio's goal, namely: to introduce innovative and market-leading products to the industrial handheld products field.

Extraordinary resilience

Excellent environmental durability, can withstand the test of 3 meters drop

One of the design features of the DT-X8 series handheld terminal can withstand falling from a height of 3 meters to the concrete floor. This feature is used to ensure that it is not damaged when dropped from a similar height in a specific working environment such as a warehouse. The product shell, around the LCD display and the battery cover are reinforced with shock-absorbing elastic resin, making it able to withstand the harsh working conditions in warehouses and similar environments. Meet the IP67* waterproof and dustproof standards, and can still be used at minus 20 degrees Celsius . In a variety of demand applications, DT-X8 can provide effective and reliable applications, including outdoor humid environments and dusty environments.

* Dustproof. Waterproof (all connection ports are closed by lid) 

Power-saving design to provide longer-lasting use

A unique power storage design can provide longer-lasting applications and operating time (requires wireless LAN connection guarantee). A newly developed large-capacity battery provides sufficient power and effective power management functions, such as wireless standby mode *1 , fast recovery, *2 can extend battery life.

·          *1 The wireless standby low power consumption operating state is only when the function requires a wireless network connection, even if the display and other devices are turned off. 

·          * 2 in response to a wireless network, wherein a resume normal operation from the power saving mode. Because the wireless network is always connected, the LAN can be used immediately. 

Convenient operation

Excellent keyboard design

The keyboard design provides convenient control, even if the user wears work gloves. In order to reduce data entry errors, the keyboard is enlarged and the response effect is enhanced by expanding the key pitch and keystrokes. The product has optimized the keyboard layout, through the trigger key, cursor key, enter key and other frequently used keys, you can comfortably control it with one hand.

High-definition LCD , showing the same effect outdoors

The DT-X8 series terminal is equipped with a Casio original 2.7 -inch TFT color LCD display, which can be operated intuitively on the touch screen. This LCD screen can provide excellent visibility indoors and in the sun. This design makes it consume less power than traditional LCD screens, and at the same time allows the product to be used for a longer time with 1 battery . In the LCD damping material between the plastic panel and the touch pad effectively enhance the intensity of the display, which reduces damage falling, shock, and other rough handling process.

Smart scan

Excellent laser scanning

T has three trigger buttons, one in the center and one on each side of the terminal, which can realize one-handed effective browsing. The handheld terminal has functions such as scan width control, laser focus, vibration reminder, etc., which can complete more accurate and fast scanning tasks.

C-MOS imaging applications to read two -dimensional bar code

DT-X8 series equipped with a C-MOS model of the scanner can read a wide variety of 1 -dimensional and 2 -dimensional barcodes, including the latest GS1 standard bar code. The powerful central processing unit, memory and performance tuning ensure high-speed data reading. The handheld terminal integrates a centralized bar code window function, and when there are many bar codes, it can ensure that the one that the user needs is scanned. The combination of these friendly user interfaces makes barcode scanning easier.

wireless network

IEEE802.1b/g wireless LAN

DT-X8 handheld terminal integrates an IEEE802.11b/g standard wireless local area network and supports WPA2 wireless network communication protocol. At the same time, it also supports 802.1x authentication (such as PEAP and EAP-TLS ), and voice communication in a wireless LAN environment can be realized through the VoIP software.

Bluetooth version 2.0

The device comes with version 2.0 of the Bluetooth function to connect mobile printers and other devices wirelessly. In addition, the device also has Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) (support enhanced data transfer rate) function to support rapid data exchange.

Wireless standby, quick recovery

The DT-X8 series terminal integrates a series of features to support the operating efficiency under the wireless LAN. Including: wireless standby mode, which allows a low-power wireless connection to quickly access the wireless local area network; fast recovery, when returning from the suspend mode, it can restore the connection between the handheld terminal and the local area network in a few seconds.

Technical specifications

Marvell® PXA320 624MHz
operating system
Microsoft ®  Windows ®  Embedded CE 6.0 R3 English version
Drop resistance
3 meters
Waterproof and dustproof
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