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For specialized printing applications that require extreme accuracy and precision, the Toshiba B-SX600 series has everything needed. With its ultra-high-quality 600x1200dpi resolution, accurate printing position and strong metal shell, it can easily respond to the most stringent label printing requirements.
Product Details
Unbelievable resolution, highest quality printing effect
, high-precision label printer suitable for various environments, trust Toshiba.
With long-term accumulation of rich experience and knowledge, Toshiba will continue to produce innovative label printing products for all your important business operations.
Ease of Use
For reliable, cutting-edge quality labels that require small, high-density and two-dimensional barcodes and high-quality graphics, rely on Toshiba to do it all. Using an innovative micro-stepping drive control system, the 600dpi print head can actually achieve 1200dpi printing on the Y axis, which is the highest value that any barcode printer on the market can achieve.

The perfect small label
With the help of a centrally positioned sensor, the printing accuracy is incredible +/-0.3mm (on Toshiba recommended paper). Plus it can print very small 5mm labels. B-SX600 is suitable for any application that requires extremely small and/or extremely high-quality labels. Applicable markets include electronic component manufacturers, serial circuit boards, pharmaceutical, medical, and asset management labels.
Fast and simple printing
Label printing speed can reach 6 inches per second, and can be printed on demand from a PC equipped with windows driver and "what you see is what you get" software.
Advanced peel control The
peeler module can peel even the smallest labels from the spare backing paper.You can remove the label measuring only 10mm in length, and then continue to print out the next label.
Simple operation
As a global manufacturer of label printers, we are committed to ensuring that our printers are durable and easy to operate. Through its large LCD interface and operation panel, even users who have never used it can get information and prompts from the intuitive menu. At the same time, it also has a color marking shaft and a lift-up print head device, so you can easily install ribbons and labels.
Humanized design for customers and the environment
Through automatic power safety cut off and user protection design, prevent users from contacting the moving parts of the printer, this design is suitable for any working environment.In addition, it complies with the EU RoHS directive and does not contain or use any harmful chemical substances.
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