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B-SX4T/ B-SX5T工业级条码打印机

· The newly launched Toshiba thermal transfer/direct thermal industrial printer B-SX4T/5T is injected with the new technology "RFID", which improves the bar code printer function to a higher level. The B-SX4T/5T is simple and flexible in operation and price Inexpensive, it is an ideal choice for industrial barcode printers.
Product Details

High speed:
· 32-bit RISC central processing unit (SH-3 88 MHz), 8/16MB DRAM memory and 4MB flash memory, which improves the information processing capacity and can handle larger programs and data.

Ease of use:
· The print head, rollers, paper feeding mechanism, and sensors have been greatly improved, with a new and more open mechanical mechanism, which makes the installation of media, cleaning and adjustment of the machine very easy.
· The accompanying CD contains user manuals in various languages, technical manuals (programs, supplies, etc.), BarTender TEC UltraLite label printer software (trial version) and Windows drivers for easy use.

High quality:
·Toshiba's unique hanging pressure print head-B-SX4T (203dpi) & B-SX4T (306dpi) innovation, including high-precision print hair hot spot control technology in seven stages. Coupled with the use of Toshiba's new dual-motor control technology, the printing effect will become very ideal. The new ribbon saving module enables the ribbon to be saved while taking into account the efficient operation of the printer. At the same time, the Toshiba print head has extended the service life of the print head (100km).

High reliability:
· B-SX4T&B-SX5T is connected with a heavy-duty steel shell and rich internal mechanisms, making it incredibly reliable. Many technological improvements mean that more performance and functions are at a competitive advantage.

High compatibility:
· The software and accessories are compatible with the machine previously produced by Toshiba TEC-TEC brand BX series printers.

Enhanced functions:
Internet, Email, FTP, XML and BCI. Enhanced functions provide many advantages, including:
· Remote printing
· Due to the standardized XML data exchange mode, the cost of software integration is greatly reduced
· Remote label format installation and upgrade
· Remote technical support
· Efficient error and failure prompt
· Use BCI for data manipulation and

explanation of Basic commands:
· BCI can run some Basic programs, allowing operations on imported print data to generate correct label formats. This allows printers to be connected to existing systems, eliminating the need for high-cost software changes. BCI can be connected to external equipment, allowing other simple technical systems to run.

Easy to connect:

Standard Optional
Output port RS 232C Expansion I/O
Input port RS232 (suitable for RFID)
ECP Parallel Interface (Centronics) USB v1.1 port
  10/100 Internet card
  2 PCMCIA slots
  Wireless 802.1 11b network card
  RFID technical support

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tag):
· RFID technology can meet the evolving requirements of the electronic supply chain. Data, text, bar code, and chart algorithms can be written into ordinary tags, but at the same time, smart tags using RFID technology contain data chips that can store a large amount of complete information. In fact, printers using this technology process RFID smart labels into another bar code. Therefore, users of such printers do not need to understand RFID technology, as long as they treat the data as part of the barcode, and let the printer do the rest.

High frequency (HF) 13.56 MHZ (only available in Europe):
· B-9704-H1-QP can make the printer recording chip reach 13.56MHz. Currently the main chips supported are C210, C220, C240 ​​(I-Code), Tag-It and ISO15693, ISO18000 these three models will be available in the near future.
UHF 869.5:
· B-9704-U1-QP can make the printer recording chip reach 869.5MHz. The currently supported chips are EPCClass0, Class1, ISO-18000-6-B. EPC Class0+ and GEN2 will be available in the near future.

Customer benefits:
B-SX4T&B-SX5T printers provide users with many beneficial functions, including:
· High-speed printing improves efficiency and expands productivity
· Fast and simple operation saves time and simplifies training
· High reliability is reduced due to machine maintenance Downtime, improve productivity
· During the entire life cycle of the machine, minimize the cost of repair and maintenance of the machine, maximize ROI
· High-quality printing technology creates perfect readability of labels and barcodes
· Comes with Bartender TEC UltraLite label software

basic specifications:

specification B-SX4 B-SX5
technology Thermal transfer / direct thermal method
Print Head Suspended
Resolution 203dpi (8 dots/mm) 306dpi (12.05 dots/mm)
Print width (Wideest) 104 mm (Wideest) 127.5mm
Print length (Longest) 1,498 mm
printing speed 254mm/sec (10ips) 203.2mm/sec (8ips)
Tape saving Optional Standard
interface 2 serial ports, Bi-directionial parallel interface, expansion I/O*, PCMCIA I/F**, 10/100 Internet card**, USB**
Bar code UPC/EAN/JAN,
Two-dimensional code Data Matrix, PDF 417, Maxicode, QR code, Micro PDF 417
Font Bitmap font (21 types), Outline font (7 types), 132 types of Writable characters), optional Ture Type font (20 types)*
Optional Swing cutter, rotary cutter, stripper and rewinder***, USB interface embedded network card, expansion I/O***, 2 PCMCIA slot I/F boards, RFID components
Dimensions (mm) 291(W)×460(L)×308(H)
weight 18 kg (both excluding label media and ribbon) 19 kg (both excluding label media and ribbon)
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