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CITIZEN CMP-20 portable printer

Product Details
CMP-20 portable printer for easy printing
CMP-20 mobile printer provides small and powerful printing almost anywhere, connected with Bluetooth and WiFi. Fast and simple to use, CPM-20 is designed to print 2 inch wide receipts when moving, saving you time. Fast operation and reliable printing are guaranteed, with pull-down paper loading and paper output indicators, simple feed path to eliminate the risk of interference, and an integral tearing bar to cut the paper to the required length.
● Lots of paper rolls with a diameter of 2 inches
● Long-life lithium ion battery
● Optional magnetic stripe card reader and IC card
The main advantages of CITIZEN CMP-20 portable printer
● High-speed printing-up to 80 mm per second
● Quick and easy to change paper-insert paper loading
● Paper width 58 mm
● Light weight-only 442 grams (including battery)
● Powerful-a whole day of operation with high capacity battery (indicated by status indicator)
● Rugged and durable-more than IP42 and survive multiple drops of 1.2 meters
● Various magnetic stripe readers, IC card readers and label printing options
● Standby mobile-POS
CITIZEN CMP-20 portable printer connection method
● Serial port
● Wireless network
● Bluetooth™
CITIZEN CMP-20 portable printer operating system
● Development kits for Microsoft, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and other systems
● Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
● Windows Mobile 5, 6
● ESC/POS® emulation
● Apple
● Android
CITIZEN CMP-20 portable printer accessories and options
● Application software and shoulder strap
● Other batteries
● External charger
● USB and serial cables
● Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MCR)
● Smart card reader (IC card)
● Car adapter
Typical application industry
● Retail
● Express
● Law enforcement
● Ticketing
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