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TTP-2410M Pro series

Standard communication interface with built-in Ethernet server, USB 2.0, serial port and parallel port The maximum ribbon length can reach 600 meters LCD display and 6 panel operation buttons 8 MB Flash and 32 MB SDRAM memory SD card memory expansion slot can be easily upgraded to 4 GB Up to 12 inches per second printing speed 32 bit RISC CPU PS/2 keyboard interface for easy independent printing TSPL-EZ? User-friendly high-level printer language, easy to write programs Complete optional accessories: USB host interface can be used
TTP-2410M Pro series
Product Details

The new TTP-2410M Pro series has a well-built design that further enhances the product performance and stability of the TSC industrial barcode printer.

The ultimate work of the advanced version: TTP-2410M Pro series
TTP-2410M Pro series is an advanced version of the TTP-2410M series. The new series mainly strengthens the structural design, improves the stability and print quality, and adds the USB host function, which is suitable for various harsh working environments. The new design provides a more robust and stable bar code printer to meet users' mass printing needs.

High-resolution, more refined label printing
TTP-2410M Pro series has three models to choose from, 203 dpi TTP-2410M Pro printing speed can reach 12 inches per second, 300 dpi TTP-346M Pro printing speed The TTP-644M Pro , which can reach 8 inches per second and 600 dpi , is suitable for two-dimensional bar codes, icons, small characters or other graphic labels with ultra-high resolution requirements.

Rich standard equipment The standard equipment of the
TTP-2410M Pro series includes the maximum length of the ribbon capacity up to 600 meters, the maximum outer diameter of the label consumables 208 cm?? (8.2 inches), the LCD screen and 6 panel operation buttons, Built-in Ethernet server, PS/2 keyboard interface, USB 2.0, serial port and parallel port communication interface. Industrial models also provide (GPIO port) automatic labeling machine connection interface or USB host interface interface.

Plenty of memory space The
built-in memory specifications of TTP-2410M Pro series are 32 MB SDRAM, 8 MB FLASH, which can easily store fonts, international characters and pattern sets. Through the memory expansion slot of SD card, users The memory capacity can be expanded to 4 GB at the most economical cost .

Economic model
TTP-246M Pro with 203 dpi and TTP-344M Pro with 300 dpi are mid-level industrial models that meet user budget considerations. The maximum printing speed is 8 inches per second. Combined with TTP-2410M Pro, it is solid and stable. The mechanical design can also meet a large number of printing needs. The standard equipment is LCD display and 6 panel operation buttons, 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB FLASH, USB 2.0, serial port and parallel port communication interface, and can be matched Wang Yitai Lu matching server, the value for money is definitely your choice!

Exclusive TSPL-EZ™ high-level printer language The
humanized TSPL-EZ™ high-level printer language not only allows you to easily write programs, but also provides multiple functions such as file management. The best software compatible environment, built-in vector fonts that can be resized, can simulate programming languages ​​of other brands of bar code machines.

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