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CV61 fixed car computer

CV61 combines next-generation technology and intelligent design, making it easy to migrate from traditional vehicle-mounted computers. It is not only seamlessly integrated with the infrastructure, where you are today, but also provides space for you and future growth.
CV61 fixed car computer
Product Details


CV61 combines intelligent design, making it easy to migrate from traditional VMUs, while providing next-generation technology to meet your business needs and the future.

  • Choose Windows® 7 Professional or Windows XP Professional operating system
  • Can be expanded to 3GB RAM to support IT security, antivirus, Windows upgrades and future software requirements
  • Rugged structure, IP66 sealed, 12.1" XGA readable outdoor display
  • Touch the defroster/heater to make the extreme temperature option operate reliably to -30°C (-22°F)
  • Intermec’s voice and Vocollect’s VoiceCatalyst are ready
  • Optional Int??ermec terminal emulation client to access legacy WMS applications
  • Intermec's scanner/imaging, voice, printer, RFID, device management, client software, and Medal® service and support are tightly integrated to provide the most comprehensive solution warehouse

growing space

When investing in IT, two considerations are very important in determining the most suitable equipment: how will it be integrated with the infrastructure in place, and how will it be in line with changing business requirements for future growth? Fortunately, the Intermec CV61 provides the best solution today and tomorrow. CV61 utilizes the latest operating system and data processing technology, allowing you to easily integrate your current WMS applications and still have the ability to implement next-generation applications for the growth of your business needs.

CV61 is a workhorse among mobile computers in vehicles. Speed ​​up by a powerful 1.8 GHz Intel® Atom processor, CV61 capable Windows 7 Professional or Windows XP operating system choice. In addition, CV61 provides 3GB of RAM to support memory hungry ERP and WMS systems.

Direct alternative manufacturing is convenient and affordable

If you currently have Intermec CV60 on-board computers in use, CV61 provides the fastest and easiest migration path to replace them. CV61 CV60 installation, wiring, keyboard, tray, scanner and printer are compatible, saving you money and installation time. Your equipment power supply works as an independent system with integrated 9-60 VDC power supply, reducing installation costs and providing backup even with your battery forklift. Optional external high voltage and defroster power converter, and use of the existing CV60 power converter adapter cable.

IT managers will also find CV61 easy work because it supports standard enterprise PC management tools, user management, security, antivirus, firewall, group policy and software updates. Workers will find the CV61 comfortable, familiar and easy to master. The sharp, bright 12.1-inch touch screen, the display is easy to read, in dimly lit warehouse environments and outdoors in sunlight, the touch screen and sturdy backlit keyboard are designed to facilitate data input with gloved hands. In addition, the touch screen/keyboard design can also be replaced on site, so it is a quick fix for damaged or worn items without the need for box and mail services.

Most importantly, CV61 is the most comprehensive warehousing logistics solution that can extend your choice from a single company, simplify IT support, and provide you with all the services you need to invest in Intermec through your computer's life only An element.

Reliable performance

The design of CV61 integrates into your network security, management system and corporate standards. Comprehensive network options include 802.11 A/B/G/N and Cisco® CCXv4 certification and integration EDR 2.1 Class 1.5 Bluetooth® The best first-class wireless coverage, roaming reliability and security, even where you may You will experience low signal levels or intermittent connections. In addition, CV61 provides hands-free voice instructions for Intermec’s Vocollect’s VoiceCatalyst™ to work with ™ accuracy, productivity and safety.

Built-in to withstand extreme temperatures, CV61 operates from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122 F°F), and is also equipped with an optional touch screen defrosting cold storage and freezing environments as low as -30° C (-22°F). Its IP66 rating ensures dust-proof operation and pressure washing water seal to protect the life of your hardware investment, and its user hot-swappable solid state drive (SSD) storage maintains data integrity even in harsh high-vibration environments.

Improve your operations

The pace of today's business does not allow any weak links in your operations. It is essential to identify and prevent problems before they occur. The CV61's dedicated device health report function provides unparalleled insight, allowing mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent scanning, communication, and battery life related issues that affect operations. In addition, CV61's fully integrated CAN-BUS interface and leading fleet management applications, so you can understand your forklift investment and maximize its utilization.

CV61 also contributes to the early collision detection built-in accelerometer function, which improves the safety of the operator and is an optional screen blanking accessory safe work measure for real-time accident investigation.

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