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CN3 mobile computer

CN3 mobile computer
Product Details


  • Thin, sturdy shape suitable for the needs of mobile workers
  • Integrated GPS built-in antenna can effectively allocate resources and improve the visibility of assets
  • WIFI®, Bluetooth®, choose WAN wireless communication (3G CDMA / EV-DO or GSM / EDGE) to keep the field staff connected
  • The color camera provides a powerful tool for recording proof of service or vehicle inspection
  • Ultra-thin extended battery provides all-day power

product description

The first fully rugged mobile computer integrates up to four wireless technologies into a compact PDA. The multifunctional CN3 integrates GPS and Bluetooth technology and has proven to work together to improve efficiency and safety, and turn hands-free to turn Voice navigation. Add 3G WWAN and Cisco compatible wireless networks, real-time voice and high-speed data (GSM/EDGE or CDMA/EV-DO) that are fully connected to your users, and they go anywhere.

Built to survive the harsh road conditions, CN3 meets rugged and durable, standard-based environmental protection regulations, and provides functions to meet the needs of mobile employees. CN3's 20,000-pixel color camera provides an important data verification tool that enables workers to record certified services or vehicle inspections. CN3 has a touch screen display, 128 MB RAM, and provides ultra-thin expandable battery, easy to carry, all day power supply.

wireless technology

With standard WiFi, Bluetooth and integrated, network-independent GPS receivers and wide area network voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE), the choice of CN3 enables companies to keep connected with their mobile employees in real time, driving improvements Efficiency and increase the visibility of assets in its operations. CN3 provides a working point for obtaining information, enabling companies to dynamically deploy to the right location and the right resources, enabling their mobile workers to access the information they need to work most effectively. With mobile intelligence at their fingertips, companies can increase customer response speed while also reducing inventory and shipping costs.

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