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CK3B mobile data terminal

A wide range of data collection and communication functions form the basis of Intermec's CK3B mobile computer, which enables it to adapt to various applications under the premise of supporting companies in the pursuit of improving their business performance, simplifying IT support and controlling operating costs.
CK3B mobile data terminal
Product Details


  • Highly adaptable to meet changing data collection and communication needs
  • Built-in a powerful architecture, application under the premise of successful support
  • Scanning efficiency of next-generation imaging technology
  • Voice and voice functions to support today’s requirements to increase productivity
  • Loaded SmartSystems™ automatic, remote device management
  • RFID is enabled by capturing the reader handle

product description

The foundation of a wide range of data acquisition and communication functions, Intermec's CK3B mobile computer, enables it to adapt to a variety of applications. CK3B supports companies in their pursuit of improving their operating performance, simplifying IT support and controlling operating costs.

When CK3B becomes slender, it is equipped with a variety of powerful functions, allowing users to easily and conveniently adapt to changing data collection and communication needs, today and in the future.

Using image capture, imaging-based innovative scanning, optional RFID readers, voice and voice support 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth® radio communication enterprises can avoid the cost and complexity of deploying a series of single-purpose devices to meet various needs This kind of data collection and communication needs.

The CK3B is embedded with Intermec's latest generation imaging technology, with excellent scanning efficiency and meeting the latest industry standards. Intermec's imaging technology provides fast 1D and 2D barcode scanning, unparalleled performance on poor quality or damaged barcodes, and unparalleled flexibility in the scanning range.

Intermec combines the best first-class platform components, including the latest Microsoft embedded operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, and Cisco® Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification, ensuring seamless interoperability with Cisco wireless networks, providing The powerful architecture successfully extended the enterprise application CK3B.

Proved from the previous Intermec computer, the seamless migration of many warehouse and retail system box integration, CK3B can be used with Intermec's terminal emulator (ITE) and Intermec's browser software (IB)  . Design and test, optimize the performance of CK3B in the simulation environment, ITE connect to the host application of CK3B, use terminal emulation function to support multiple host sessions, security, session persistence and a complete set of data collection options. Using IB, a data collection browser, web applications can take advantage of advanced CK3B imaging and RFID functions, while ensuring that users can only access limited pre-approved websites.

For fast and easy equipment deployment and maintenance, CK3B also supports Intermec's SmartSystems™. Connect the computer to the network, configure settings and install software remotely to reduce IT work and reduce the total cost of ownership.

The CK3B meets the rugged, standard-based environmental specifications for the severe test of warehouse use, but in an ultra-thin, balanced form suitable for in-store settings. The only combination of CK3B 89 mm (3.5 inches) QVGA display and keyboard design is comfortable enough for one-handed use.

Coupled with convenient Intermec mobile printers, such as the PB42 receipt printer and the PB50 label printer CK3B, it can increase the productivity of mobile workers.

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