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CV41 fixed car computer

Maximize every minute CV41-the world's first onboard computer with integrated Vocollect voice support. Reduce forklift operator downtime, gain visibility into your fleet utilization and safety, and have the industry's most extensive set of advanced data collection solutions to seamlessly integrate your distribution center.
CV41 fixed car computer
Product Details


  • Intermec's scanner/imaging, voice, printer, RFID, device management, client software, Medal® service and support are tightly integrated to provide the most comprehensive solution warehouse
  • Prepare Intermec's Vocollect Voice Catalyst from Voice
  • Includes pre-licensed Intermec client package and integrated keyboard for terminal emulation and browser optimization
  • Perfectly balanced LED backlit display, easy to install and 20 cm (8 inches) WVGA (800×480) display readability
  • Integrated CAN-BUS vehicle interface supports fleet management applications
  • Options?? include WWAN/Global Positioning System (GPS), outdoor display and defrost
  • On/off ignition detection and integrated UPS battery up to 30 minutes of operating time
  • Users replace touch screen and keyboard components to reduce downtime
  • Rugged structure, IP66 sealing, and glove-compatible keyboard spacing

Make good use of every minute

To stay ahead in today's competitive business environment, warehouse operations managers need to control costs and gain as much extra efficiency as possible. The Intermec CV41 vehicle-mounted computer provides operators with an ideal balance of availability, application performance, ease of deployment and maintenance-all of which lead to improved forklift operator performance, giving you a real business advantage.


CV41 provides the freedom and flexibility to work the way you want. This is a full-size forklift application, which reduces visual obstruction and simplifies installation compared to full-screen devices. The entire forklift fleet and flexibility are sufficient to cope with the difficult standardization of the distribution center environment, which is easy. In addition, CV41 provides hands-free voice instructions for work accuracy, productivity and safety. In fact, it is the only Windows®CE vehicle-installed computer on the market with Vocollect VoiceCatalyst.

The pace of today's business does not allow any weak links in your operations. It is essential to identify and prevent problems before they occur. The CV41 special equipment health report function provides insight, allowing mobile workers and IT administrators to monitor and prevent scanning, communication, and battery life related issues that affect operations. In addition, the fully integrated CAN-BUS interface of CV41 enables you to run your investment forklift and leading fleet management applications, as well as gain insight to maximize its utilization.

Every second counts every day. The innovative turn-off ignition sensor ensures that the CV41 is ready to work when you take the key. When your network operator needs to switch forklifts, UPS backup batteries, reducing reconnection and restarting time, and the unique smart base design allows easy, one-handed docking and un-docking of the CV41. The touch screen/keyboard design can also be replaced on site, so it is quick to repair damaged or worn items without the need for box and mail services.

CV41 seamlessly integrates with any forklift, any network, any device, anywhere in the world. Its comprehensive network options include 802.11 a/b/g standards and Cisco® CCXv4 certification, and integrate Bluetooth® for the best wireless coverage in its class, roaming reliability and security-even in places, you may Encountered low signal levels or intermittent connections. CV41 is also equipped with the option of four-wall facilities in addition to Qualcomm Gobi WWAN/GPS wide-area wireless connection.

Flexible features

Speed ​​up the flexibility of application development with the highly efficient 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom Z530 processor, CV41-capable Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 operating system. 20 cm (8 inches) WVGA (800×480) LED backlight display, also equipped with 900 lumens outdoor display option.


Built-in refrigeration and freezing environments that can withstand extreme temperatures, CV41 from -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F), and optional touch screen defrosting.

Migration makes it easy

If you are currently using Intermec's on-board computer, CV41 provides the fastest and easiest migration path to replace aging equipment. Workers will find the CV41 comfortable, familiar and easy to master keyboard layout is consistent with the entire Intermec mobile computer production line. With CV41, including Intermec's client package terminal emulation and industrial browser software, it provides a fast, reliable, and secure connection to your warehouse management system. In addition, Intermec's development kit saves you time in your application software migration and deployment in a multi-device environment.


Most importantly, CV41 is the most comprehensive warehousing logistics solution that can extend your choice from a single company, simplify IT support, and provide you with all the services you need on the road with only one element.

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