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PA30 barcode printer

Intermec's PA30 print engine is a sturdy, reliable, metallic, high-performance print head print engine, which aims to improve label position accuracy and production efficiency. It is a patent application for 24/7 printing. Intermec's PA30 is easily upgraded to RFID and Intermec's IM4 RFID reader module. With additional input/output sockets (I/O), PA30 can execute user-defined programs, thereby eliminating the need for a PC. Flexible connectivity allows the use of up to seven wired and wireless interfaces simultaneously to enable PA30 to issue commands to produce line machinery, conveyors, printers, and access information directly from the host on the network. Intermec's PA30 is finished
Product Details
  • High-performance patent applications for demanding printing and printing engines
  • Improve productivity and label placement accuracy
  • RFID ready
  • Easily adapt to changing host environments and applications
  • Flexible and abundant connection options
  • Replaceable print head provides choice resolution

    Working temperature:

    +5° to +40°C (+40° to +104°F) Humidity: 10-90%RH non-condensing


    •Automatic labeling machine interface


    USB 2.0

    EasyLAN with ayear-on-year increase of 115.2 kb/s?? 10/100BaseT internal Ethernet optional: EasyLAN wireless internal Ethernet as an optional interface provided as an accessory: • Parallel IEEE 1284 • Industrial interface (8 digital inputs/outputs, 4 analog relays, 1 RS232/422/485 port)* • Dual serial ports RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and 20mA current loop*

    4MB FLASH, 16MB SDRAM Max. Option: 16MB Flash memory, 16MB SDRAM flash memory can be used up to 1GB

    Physical characteristics
    20 1/2 inches Width: 9 5/8 inches Height: 11 7/8 inches Weight: 29.8 pounds

    115/230VAC automatic switching W / PFC input voltage: 90-265 VAC, 45-65 Hz

    Print specifications
    Print width:
    (DT) 112 mm "(4.4)
    (TT) 110 mm "" Maximum length/standard memory capacity: 161 inches (4095 mm), resolution 203 dpi 109 inches (2775 mm), at 300 dpi Resolution: 8 dots/mm (4.3 inches) (203 dpi), 11.8 dots/mm (300 dpi), printing speed: 300 mm/sec (12ips) Printing direction: print smooth text, barcodes and graphics of any size All four orthogonal directions.

    Supported barcode symbology
    1 dimension:

    Coudba code, code 39, code 11, code 93, MSI (modified Plessier), Code 128, a subset of code 128, DUN-14/16,

    UPC / EAN code (EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC version A, UPC version E), EAN-128, EAN-128 subset AC * 2, industrial, cross 2, cross 2 5 A, matrix 2 *, earth, POSTNET, straight 2 *, UCC-128 SSCC, RSS, HIBC code, 39 code (IPL), HIBC code, 128 code (IPL), JIS-ITF (IPL) 2 dimensions: Aztec, 16K code, 49 code, two-dimensional bar code, Maxi Code two-dimensional code, PDF 417 code, QR code MicroPDF417, EAN.UCC composite standard support: UPC / EAN sea container transportation; UCC / EAN 128 SSC, MH 10.8 shipping label; AIAG (parts shipping label); LOGMARS; POSTNET: HIBCC: ISBT 128 GM1724 UPS shipping label ; global shipping label

    PA30 professional printer
    PA30 barcode printer
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