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Zebra GK888E Advanced Desktop Printer
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Zebra GK888E Advanced Desktop Printer

Zebra GK888E Advanced Desktop Pr
Product Details
GK888E advanced desktop printer, which achieves reliable and high-quality printing at ultra-fast speeds, and has advanced features that can meet the needs of e-commerce-extremely valuable
As a new member of our best-selling desktop printer series, GK888E is able to provide better performance and more memory, while maintaining impressive value advantages, advanced features and outstanding quality that has become synonymous with all Zebra printers. GK888E supported by thermal engine is a medium-intensity printing solution that is perfect for e-commerce applications and large projects.
Faster and more powerful
With 8MB of built-in flash memory, GK888E doubles the memory capacity compared to existing GK888 series printers, allowing it to process more complex print jobs at a higher printing speed of 6 inches per second.
Flexible and easy to use
Zebra's GK888E advanced desktop printer has excellent flexibility and is ideal for medium-intensity and distributed printing applications (for example, e-commerce). Whether it's shipping and identification labels, coupons or receipts, this printer can easily print. Ultra-fast printing speed can help you complete your work faster. With OpenACCESS™ clamshell design, media installation is simple and easy. The standard automatic calibration feature effectively avoids time and media waste.
Connectivity + quality
The GK888E printer provides three connection interfaces, including Ethernet — and standard EPL™ and ZPL® programming languages ​​— for easy and fast integration. Consistently generate high-quality text, barcodes and graphics to ensure that your print output is always professional and barcodes can always be scanned reliably.
GK888E printer specifications
Resolution 203 dpi / 8 dots per mm
Standard memory: 8 MB flash memory; 8 MB SDAM
Maximum printing width 4.09 inches / 104 mm
Maximum printing speed 6 inches / 152 mm per second
Media sensor standard configuration: fixed reflection type and transmission type sensor
Maximum print length 39 inches / 991 mm
GK888E printer media parameters
Media width 0.75 inches / 19 mm-4.25 inches / 108 mm
Maximum media roll size
5 inches / 127 mm (outer diameter)
0.003 inch / 0.08 mm thickness
To 0.0075 inch / 0.19 mm
GK888E printer media type
Roll paper, continuous paper, die-cut paper, continuous thermal label (with or without black mark), sign material, continuous receipt paper, wristband, etc.

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