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Zebra barcode printer Zebra GT820

Zebra GT820 barcode machine
Product Details
Zebra barcode printer Zebra GT820 has a convenient ribbon loading thermal transfer technology, which can print hard label images that can be stored for a long time, as well as receipts and labels for short-term indoor use. Suitable for any industry environment, in addition to fast printing speed (up to 5 inches per second printing speed), it also provides multiple connection options such as USB/serial interface and optional 10/100 Ethernet.
Zebra GT820 barcode machine
Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
printing method Thermal or thermal transfer
printing speed 5 inches (127 mm/sec
Maximum printing width 4.09 inches/104 mm long
Maximum printing length 39 inches (991 mm)
Font/character set Traditional, Simplified Chinese font set
storage 8MB
Media type Rolled or folded paper, label paper, tag material, receipt paper and wristband
Media length 39 inches (991 mm)
Media width 4.49 inches (114 mm)-0.75 inches (19.5 mm)
Media thickness 0.003 inch (0.08 mm) to 0.007 inch (0.18 mm)
Maximum outer diameter 5 inches (127 mm
Core diameter 0.4375 inches (11.11 mm) and 1.5 inches (38 mm)
Ribbon length 984 feet (300 meters)
Ribbon ratio 1:4 (Ratio of ribbon roll to media roll)
Outer diameter of ribbon 2.6 inch (66 mm) 300 meter ribbon
Product Size 197×184×273
product weight 5kg

Zebra barcode printer Zebra GT820

Application areas: manufacturing-light industry work in progress, product and shipping labels;
     Transportation and logistics-boarding pass, parking permit;
     Government departments-asset management, document management, evidence tracking;
     Healthcare-laboratory samples and blood bank labels;
     Retail-price tag and receipt printing.
MZ220 mobile printer
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