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Zebra ZM600 barcode printer

Zebra ZM600
Product Details
The Zebra ZM600 barcode printer has been discontinued. If you need technical support for this model, please contact your Zebra equipment supplier for after-sales service.
ZM600 printer discontinuation date: September 30, 2014
Service and support end date: December 30, 2019
Hongxing Yongli is the authorized distributor of Zebra in China. If you need to purchase, please choose its alternative model: Zebra ZT420 barcode printer
----------Zebra Zebra ZM600 barcode printer (old technical parameters are convenient for your use)----------
Zebra ZM600 (300dpi) barcode printer is convenient and easy to use, with higher printing efficiency, and has a wealth of options, suitable for 6-inch printing width. The Zebra ZM600 (300dpi) barcode printer has a metal shell and supports multilingual printing. The ZM600 barcode printer is ideal for multi-functional and high-speed printing of various enterprises. The large LCD display can support 16 languages.
The Zebra ZM600 barcode label printer brings new flexibility to the popular Z-series platform, which is extremely advantageous in terms of performance and price. With its printing speed of 10 inches per second, industry-leading processing efficiency, and extremely high With its high reliability and abundant options, these metal printers can still ensure high printing efficiency even in harsh environments and harsh application conditions.
The main parameters printing method Thermal/thermal transfer
Barcode printer resolution 203dpi
printing speed 203mm/s
Print width 168mm
Maximum printing length 1143mm
Label width 51-178
Label thickness 0.058-0.25mm
Ribbon length 450000mm
Ribbon width 51-174
Interface Type RS-232C, IEEE 1284, USB 2.0
character set IBM Code Page 850 international character set
Other parameters voltage 90-265
Power frequency 48-62
Appearance parameters colour gray
weight 16kg
size 475×341×338

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