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ZEBRA (zebra) resin-based ribbon

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Hongxing Yongli supports wholesale and retail of different types and specifications of Zebra brand ribbons (ribbons), original authentic! Free ribbon printing samples are available for free before buying after satisfactory printing results
Introduction to resin-based ribbon:
The resin-based ribbon contains the highest proportion of resin components, and the energy level required for printing is higher than that of the wax-based hybrid base;
Since most resins are harder than waxes, the high content of resins make this ribbon have excellent scratch resistance, stain resistance, and resistance to most powerful chemicals. It can also withstand outdoor environments and extremes. temperature. Zebra resin-based ribbon is a selected material of Zebra that has obtained UL/cUL and CSA certification pending approval.
ZEBRA (Zebra) resin-based ribbon material number: A4800 / A4700 / A4750 / C4501 / E5095 / A5095
Zebra resin-based ribbon selection guide:
Zebra resin-based ribbon is suitable for printing various PVC/PET label papers;
When purchasing ribbons, please confirm your machine model or the resin ribbon material number you need to purchase;
If you don't know your equipment, please tell our online customer service staff directly, and get professional guidance to choose the right ribbon.
How to identify original zebra ribbons:
1 Look at the appearance, independent vacuum packaging, with company information such as the zebra ribbon logo, and fine workmanship; 2 Look at the printing effect, without toner loss, and excellent scratch resistance.
ZEBRA Zebra Ribbon Authorized Hongxing Yongli Company Agency Certificate:
(The files displayed are compressed and watermarked scanned documents, and the brand authorization cetificates are all in kind, please consult our customer service staff for the originals)
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