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The linear polarization mode is well matched with the coaxial cable and has good directivity.
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  XCAF-11L antenna is mainly used in 902~928MHz radio frequency identification system, the center frequency is 915MHz, and it can be directly connected to the reader through a coaxial cable. The antenna has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, etc., can be well matched with the coaxial cable and has good directivity.

The linear polarization of the
   antenna    The antenna radiates electromagnetic waves to the surrounding space. Electromagnetic waves are composed of electric and magnetic fields, and the direction of the electric field is the polarization direction of the antenna. The polarization mode of the XCAF-11L antenna is linear polarization. The so-called linear polarization means that the trajectory of the end point of the electric field vector in the electromagnetic wave is a straight line. In the electromagnetic wave, the direction of the electric field vector is perpendicular to the orbital plane, which is a vertically polarized wave; the electric field vector direction is parallel to the orbital plane, which is a horizontally polarized wave. That is to say, the reading range of the antenna is linear. Although the reading range of the antenna is slightly narrower than that of the general circularly polarized antenna, the reading range is longer. The radome of the antenna is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is a low gain antenna.

The role of the
   antenna    The role of the antenna is to transmit radio frequency signals between the electronic tag and the reader. The reader of the RFID system must emit energy through an antenna to form an electromagnetic field, and use the electromagnetic field to identify the electronic tag. It can be said that the electromagnetic field formed by the antenna is the readable area of ​​the radio frequency system. Sometimes the RFID system uses one antenna to complete the transmission and reception at the same time; sometimes the RFID system uses one antenna to complete the transmission and another antenna to undertake the reception. The form and number of antennas used should depend on the specific application.

Standing wave ratio curve The standing wave ratio curve of
   XCAF-11L antenna in its working frequency range is relatively flat and the value is small, indicating that the antenna is working well at this time. When the frequency range is exceeded, the standing wave ratio value of the antenna increases sharply. The performance drops sharply.

The directivity of the
   antenna    The antenna has different radiation or receiving capabilities in different directions in space, which is the directivity of the antenna. The maximum direction of antenna radiation is in the normal direction perpendicular to the surface of the antenna. The radiated energy is basically concentrated in this direction. On the back of the antenna, the radiated energy is very small. Once the shape and size of the antenna are determined, the antenna pattern is also determined, so the distance of reading tags depends entirely on the power emitted by the reader.


◆Product parameters

Physical parameters
Size: 294 x 294 x 64mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Radome material: ABS engineering plastics

Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃
Relative humidity: ≤95%

Performance parameters
Working frequency band: 902~928 MHz Center frequency: 915MHz Polarization mode: Linear polarization Standing wave ratio : ≤1.3 Antenna gain: 7.15dBi Characteristic impedance: 50 Ω Half power beam width: E-plane 70°, H-plane 70° Connection method: N type 




*The above parameters may be changed. Please refer to the actual parameters. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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