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Yuanchuang XCRF-502C Reader
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Yuanchuang XCRF-502C Reader

Comply with ISO18000-6B standard. Complete serial, network and Wiegand interfaces, support up to 2 N-type interfaces, and pass FCC certification.
Yuanchuang XCRF-502C
Product Details

  The XCRF-502C reader/writer complies with the international ISO 18000-6B standard, and its working frequency range is 902~928MHz. It is a UHF reader with a wide range of applications, mature applications, high performance, and high reliability, which can meet a variety of application requirements.

  The XCRF-502C reader has three main features. One is the ability to choose to read part or all of the data in a single electronic tag; the other is that it can choose to read multiple electronic tags without unpacking and sorting. The ability of some or all of the data information in the label; the third is the ability to select or filter out specific electronic labels according to user-defined criteria.

  XCRF-502C reader can be widely used in supply chain management, intelligent traffic management, ETC, intelligent weighing, asset tracking and other fields. It has a speed adaptability of up to 60 km/h, and is particularly suitable for applications that require certain speeds such as conveyor belts, assembly line sorting, and vehicle management in logistics and manufacturing. The reader is suitable for reading/writing electronic tags that follow the ISO 18000-6B protocol. The super query protocol followed between the reader and the electronic tag ensures that the reader will only read multiple electronic tags in the reading area once each, which can eliminate repeated reading.

  The XCRF-502C reader supports an open and scalable architecture, and can obtain better performance through firmware updates and upgrades, which facilitates the further improvement of reader performance in the future, thereby effectively protecting customer investment.


◆Product parameters

Physical parameters
Size: 300 x 210 x 70mm
Weight: 3.35kg
Housing material: Metal
LED indicator: 5

Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Humidity range: 20%~95%

Performance parameters
Working frequency band: 902~928 MHz
Standard: ISO 18000-6B Reading distance: 0~10m (related to tag and product center/RFID equipment/antenna configuration) Product center/RFID equipment/antenna interface: 2 N-type Interface Communication interface: RS 232 & 10/100M Ethernet Digital interface: 4TTL input 4TTL output RF output power: 1W upgrade: support firmware update Power supply: 100V~240V AC 





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