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XCTF-8602 electronic label

Comply with EPC G2 standard. Animal ear tags are mainly used in the tracking and identification management of animal husbandry, such as pigs and other livestock.
Product Details

The XCTF-8602 passive UHF electronic tag complies with the international ISO 18000-6C (EPC C1G2) standard, and its working frequency band is 860-960MHz. The tag uses a high-performance smart chip, with 96-bit EPC code, 224-bit user data area, 64-bit unique ID number, and can be repeatedly erased and used. There is an anti-collision mechanism inside, which is suitable for multi-label identification applications.

  XCTF-8602 electronic tags are mainly used in the tracking and identification management of animal husbandry, such as pigs and other livestock. When installing, use special animal ear tag pliers to install the tag on the pig's ear and it can be used normally. The electronic tag adopts non-toxic, non-odor, non-irritating, non-polluting plastic material as its packaging material, which can effectively prevent the damage of organic acid, water and salt solution, and mineral acid.

  The XCTF-8602 electronic tag is helpful for the information management of the animal husbandry, and can effectively track and trace the breeding of breeding stock, epidemic prevention, meat quarantine, etc., timely discover and solve diseases and epidemics, reduce losses, and improve economic benefits And social benefits.


◆Product parameters

Physical parameters
Size: Main standard Ф30mm Auxiliary standard Ф24.9mm
Packaging material: Main standard is PP and auxiliary standard is PU

Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -25℃~+70℃

Performance parameters
Operating frequency: 860~960MHz
Standard: ISO 18000-6C
Reading distance: 0~1m (related to product center/RFID equipment/reader configuration)
Storage capacity: 96 bits EPC code
64 bits unique ID number
224 bits User data area
Working mode: R/W (read and write)
Waterproof level: IP67
Data storage time:> 10 years
Anti-collision mechanism: suitable for multi-tag reading



*The above parameters may be changed. Please refer to the actual parameters. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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