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XCTF-8100 electronic label

Comply with EPC G2 standard. Paper self-adhesive instant labeling, bar code printer can be used to print bar code and other information before use. Suitable for logistics management.
Product Details

XCTF-8100 Label complies with the ISO18000-6C (EPC C1G2) standard, and its working frequency range is 860~960MHz. It is designed for the requirements of the international retail industry and its suppliers. The label is mainly used for logistics carton identification, which can quickly, real-time, and automatically collect item turnover information, simplify business operations, and improve the efficiency of warehouse storage.

  XCTF-8100 Label is also called self-adhesive label. It is a kind of paper, film or special material as the fabric, coated with adhesive on the back, and silicone-coated protective paper as the base paper. Composite materials are processed into finished labels after printing and die cutting. It can be applied to the surface of various substrates by simply peeling it off the backing paper and pressing it lightly. It can also be automatically labeled on the production line using a labeling machine.

  Barcode printer, also known as label printer, is a kind of printing equipment that can quickly print a large number of self-adhesive labels, PET labels, hang tags, washed cloth, etc. The barcode printer that prints barcode information on XCTF-8100 electronic label adopts direct thermal printing method, which has fast printing speed, can print special materials (PVC, etc.), and can be extended by external cutters.

  Before using XCTF-8100 Label, you can use a barcode printer to print barcodes and other information. It has the best performance on paper packaging. When using it, peel off the label from the bottom paper of the label and stick it directly on the outside of the packaging carton. The surface of a vessel filled with liquid. XCTF-8100 Label is a linear polarization label. When the label polarization direction is consistent with the reader product center/RFID device/antenna polarization direction (generally the geometric central axis is parallel), the best recognition performance will be obtained. There is a chip in the center of the label, so the label cannot be excessively bent or pressed.


◆Product parameters

Physical parameters
Size: 101.6×152.4mm
Material: Self-adhesive paper

Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +50℃

Performance parameters
Operating frequency: 860~960MHz
Standard: ISO 18000-6C
Reading distance: 0~7m (related to product center/RFID equipment/reader configuration)
Storage capacity: 240-bit EPC code, 64-bit TID code, 512 Bit user data area, 32-bit access password, 32-bit kill command
Working mode: R/W (read and write)
Data storage time: >10 years
Anti-collision mechanism: suitable for multi-tag reading



*The above parameters may be changed. Please refer to the actual parameters. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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