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R110Xi4 RFID printer

With Zebra's R110Xi4 RFID printer/encoder — optimized for high-volume printing needs — you can print and encode a variety of UHF radio frequency identification smart labels for a variety of applications. As Zebra's third-generation RXi? printer/encoder, R110Xi4 has industry-leading innovative features to meet current and future application needs, and uses the well-designed Xi4? printer platform to achieve reliable performance.
Product Details

With Zebra's R110Xi4 RFID printer/encoder — optimized for high-volume printing needs — you can print and encode a variety of UHF RFID smart labels for a variety of applications. As Zebra's third-generation RXi™ printer/encoder, R110Xi4 has industry-leading innovative features to meet current and future application needs, and uses the well-designed Xi4™ printer platform to achieve reliable performance.

This high-performance printer/encoder has many advantages such as excellent flexibility and unique functions. For example, it can meet a wide range of applications-from small, high-resolution (600 dpi) medical sample smart labels and item-level labels to RFID pallet/carton labels (printing widths up to 4 inches/103 mm). The automatic configuration supports the encoding of various RFID tags, which simplifies the setup. By encoding RFID inlays (closer than other brands of printer/encoder spacing, 0.6 inches/16 mm), R110Xi4 enables lower cost per label, fewer media roll changes, and faster throughput. Since Zebra can detect variable inlay positions, it can use media converted for other printers/encoders. If you don't need printed labels, you can go directly to the inlay coding function to save media.



  • Reduce the cost of RFID media
  • RFID media flexibility: RFID inlay position flexibility; media converted for other brand printers can be used; support for the widest range of transponder designs and sizes
  • The accuracy of RFID encoding
  • Save printer/encoder setup time
  • Simplify global RFID deployment
  • Fully integrated ThingMagic UHF EPC Gen 2 V1.2/ ISO 18000-6C RFID reader/encoder
  • Print and encode EPC Gen 2 labels with a minimum spacing of 16 mm
  • Adaptive encoding technology can automatically select the best encoding settings
  • Automatic label calibration enables label lengths of 2 inches or more
  • Variable inlay placement supports a wide range

service and support

  • Online technical support
  • Telephone technical support
  • service contract

The internet

  • ZebraNet Wireless Print Server

Standard features
RFID counter can track the normal and unusable tags in real time.
Optimized RFID processing, can achieve the fastest label printing throughput.
RFID ZPL instructions make RFID easy to set up and have maximum flexibility.
Flexible RFID read and write settings can be maximized Improve the flexibility of small-size label printing to a great extent.
Brand new full-featured panel and multi-language backlit LCD display with user-programmable password protection.
Media side door-you can easily monitor the usage of consumables without opening the printer system.
With E3® Element Energy Control's thin film print head
8 MB flash memory, including 2.0 MB user-use non-volatile memory, used to store download objects
RS-232 serial, parallel, USB 2.0 and built-in ZebraNet 10/100 print server
dual media sensor — Transmission type and reflection type, selectable through software or panel
Real time clock
Advanced label/media counter
Printer specifications

203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
600 dpi (23.5 dots/mm)
8 MB flash memory (2 MB available for users)
printing width up to
4 inches (102 mm)
printing length up to
150 inches (3810 mm)
printing speed
Up to 14 inches (356 mm) per second
media sensor
media characteristics
Maximum label and liner width

0.79 inches (20 mm) to 4.5 inches (114 mm)
maximum label and liner length
150 inches (3810 mm)
media type
Continuous paper, die-cut paper, black mark paper, notched paper
ribbon specifications

3.2 inches (81.3 mm) outside diameter ,
standard length
1476 feet (450 meters) or 984 feet (300 meters)
2:1 or 3:1 media roll and Ribbon ratio:
Ribbon width from
0.79 inches (20 mm) to 4.33 inches (110 mm).
Ribbon settings. The
ribbon is wound with ink facing outward and the
core inner diameter is
1 inch (25.4 mm).
Operating parameters
Operating temperature

TT: Operating temperature 40° F ( 5° C) to 105° F (40° C), thermal transfer
DT: operating temperature 32° F (0° C) to 105° F (40° C), thermal
storage temperature
-40°F (-40 °C) to 140°F (60°C)
operating humidity
20-85% (non-condensing) relative humidity
electrical parameters
48 – 62Hz
FCC-B, C-Tick
Agency Certification Standard
IEC 60950-1
EN 55022 Class B
EN 55024
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3
Physical parameters

10.31 inches (261.9 mm)
15.5 inches (393.7 mm)
20.38 inches (517.5 mm)
50 lbs (22.7 kg)
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Transparent folding media side door—makes the media door open in a smaller radius
suitable for any Rotating paper cutter and receiving tray with paper width-can cut single or strip label under software control.
Media rewinding shaft-rewind used paper to 3 inch (76 mm) core, or peel off labels And backing paper rewinding
Labeling machine interface — provides status and control signals of labeling machine and remote control equipment.
Media supply shaft is suitable for 3 inches (76 mm) or 40 mm cores
Flash memory — 64 MB of original factory configuration (61 MB available for users)
additional font
communication interface function
ZebraNet 10/100 print server — supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX and Fast Ethernet 10/100 automatic switching network
USB 2.0 — 12 M/sec
High-speed two-way parallel interface—IEEE 1284-1994 compatibility, ECP nibble mode
High-speed serial interface: RS-232C interface with DB9F connector, optional converter for DB25F; optional RS-422/485 Branch function, connect multiple printers to a host through an external adapter; software (XON/XOFF) or hardware (DTR/DSR) communication handshake protocol
SEH PS102-Z Built-in IPv6 print server
Labeling machine interface-equipped with DB15F connector
programming Language
Core programming language

barcode symbology

Code 11
Code 39
Code 93
Code 128 and UCC case codes with A/B/C subset
EAN- 13
UPC and EAN 2 or 5 digit extensions
Standard 2-of-5
Industrial 2-of-5
Interleaved 2-of-5
Planet Code
Code 49
Data Matrix
QR Code
TLC 39
RSS / GS1 DataBar family (12 barcodes)
fonts and Graphics
Dot matrix fonts A to H and GS symbols, height and width can be enlarged up to 10 times, respectively.
Smooth and scalable font (CG Triumvirate™ bold compressed font), height and width can be enlarged by dots respectively
IBM® Code Page 850 International characters

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