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1564 Bluetooth scanner

Xinji Information's 1564 wireless Bluetooth scanner provides powerful data collection capabilities, allowing the retail, healthcare, and postal services to work more smoothly and efficiently. The 1564 can read high-density one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes as small as 3mil. In addition, the transmission range of 1564 and Bluetooth transmission base can reach 90 meters, allowing users to complete more work in more places. There is also a hands-free scanning mode that can improve work efficiency, which is especially suitable for use in retail environments. The Bluetooth transmission function provided by 1564 can ensure the correct collection of important information anytime and anywhere.
1564 Bluetooth scanner
Product Details

Designed to meet mobility and flexibility.
Supports one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, and can read high-density one-dimensional barcodes as small as 3mil.
Bluetooth transmission range up to 90 meters, visible distance,
scanning speed up to 60 times per second , Make the work process more smooth
. The choice of hands-free scanning mode is suitable for busy retail industry. A
single transmission base can support up to seven scanners at the same time.
Lightweight and ergonomic design, suitable for long-term repeated use
. ScanMaster software, can support multiple languages ​​and different barcode options around the world

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