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IS4800 series one-dimensional laser bar code scanning engine
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IS4800 series one-dimensional laser bar code scanning engine

The IS4800 series of miniature single-line laser scanning engine is designed for easy integration in OEM equipment. These compact engines have powerful scanning performance, can be flexibly applied and reflect high cost performance, reducing the total cost and assembly requirements. Software and hardware decoding options can be used to meet the requirements of the host system and provide the best performance.
Product Details

The IS4800 series miniature laser scanning engine has powerful one-dimensional scanning performance, and the flexible built-in design ensures that it can be easily and conveniently integrated into OEM equipment.
  IS4813 (3.3V) and IS48155 (V) non-decoding scan engines are compact in structure, light in size and low in power requirements. Both engines have 10-pin pins that comply with industry standards and can output digital barcode signals. The attached software development kit (SDK) contains a licensed genuine decoding library, which avoids the resource consumption required for developing customized decoders. The IS4800 series is one of the scan engine products that occupies the smallest space on the market, so it is ideal for integration into small mobile devices such as PDAs or PDTs.
  The lS4800 series engine with a decoder board optimizes the equipment of the product from the hardware. The lS4823 (3.3V) and lS4825 (5V) have decoder boards equipped with TTL or USB interfaces. In addition, you can also choose to assemble a complete module, the scan engine and decoder board are assembled on a fixed bracket.
  The decoding engine has built-in cutting-edge decoding geometric algorithms, which can quickly interpret almost all standard one-dimensional barcodes, including GSl Databa (TM and even broken barcodes. The
  IS4800 has the widest scanning angle among laser scanning engines on the market, so it can be scanned close Scan wide bar codes at the window. Combining superior scanning performance, convenient integration features and industry-leading technology, IS4800 series engines can provide system integrators with value-for-money performance and help them integrate one-dimensional scanning solutions into Mobile data terminals, handheld scanners, self-service teller machines/service terminals, medical diagnostic equipment and other equipment.



Scan 100 times per second: compact size. Powerful scanning performance
Advanced decoding capability: It can quickly scan all standard one-dimensional barcodes, including GS1 DataBar and even broken barcodes, to improve productivity.
Metal casting body shell: greatly enhance durability and protect your investment interests.
Support 3.3V and 5.0V Two input voltages, equipped with TTL or USB interface: flexible built-in design, reducing integration costs

Wide scanning angle: in a fixed installation application environment, it can also scan a wide barcode close to the scanning window



Performance parameter
light source Visible laser diode laser, wavelength 650nm
Host system interface Engine: In line with industry standards
Decoding board: TTL RS232 or USB interface
Physical parameter
  Engine (without bracket buckle) Decoders Assemble the module
Volume (length X width X height) 24.5mm × 14.2mm × 11.Omm     24.7mm×11.8mm×6.8mm     38.4mm×26.7mm×18.8mm
weight 8g 2g 15g
End 10-pin ZlF connector 12-pin ZIF connector N/A
Mounting holes Two M1.6×0.35mm mounting holes, the deepest 2mm   3 metal mounting holes M2 X 0.4 specification
Electrical parameters
Input voltage IS4813/IS4823:3.3±0.3VDC
Working current IS4813:<120 mA,IS4815:<70mA
IS4823:<150mA,TTL and<170mA USB
IS4825:<135mA,TTL and<135mA USB
stand-by current IS4813 : <30mA
IS4815 : <15mA
Sleep current IS4823:5.5mA TTL and 65mA USB
IS4825:15mA TTL and 53mA USB
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature 0℃ to 40℃(32°F to 104°F)
storage temperature -40℃ to 70℃(-40°F to 158°F)
humidity 5%一95%relative humidity,non-condensing
Illuminance 70,000 lumens (direct sunlight)
Shock resistance 7G over 10-500 Hz
Anti-fall strength 2000G for a duration Of 0.85 msec
Scan parameters
Scan speed 100 times per second
Scan type Single line
Scanning angle 54°
Recognizable printing contrast 35% minimum reflection difference
The smallest readable barcode 4mil (0.102mm), depending on the decoder
Decoding ability All standard one-dimensional bar codes, including GS1 Databar (IS4813 and IS4815 depend on the decoder)

*The above parameters may be changed. Please refer to the actual parameters. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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