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· The b-sa4tp label printer has extremely high output print quality and industrial machine performance, is equipped with RFID modules, and incorporates fashionable design concepts. · Front opening structure, ribbon label, cutter and stripper can all be stored inside the machine, saving space. The paper replacement can be operated simply by opening the outer cover, which is simple and convenient.
Product Details

Compact design and space saving:
·Easy to use front panel operation.
· Compact and streamlined design on the bottom of A4.
·All operations can be performed at the front, which can effectively use the space on the left and right sides. The ribbon, label, cutter and stripper can all be stored inside the fuselage, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust in a working environment where the flow of people and objects is complicated.

Easy to operate and easy to maintain: the
front open structure makes it easy to replace the ribbon and label.
·When replacing the ribbon, you only need to open the upper opening cover; when changing the paper, you only need to open the upper opening cover and remove the pressing lever, which is simple and convenient. In addition, the top cover is equipped with an observation window, and the remaining amount of the label is clear at a glance. The Snap-in print head and roller can be replaced by the operator without the need of professional engineer's guidance, which can
reduce the cost of use.

The ribbon is not easy to wrinkle structure:
·Toshiba TEC's self-developed dual-motor control technology keeps the ribbon tension consistent from beginning to end, realizing that the ribbon does not wrinkle and bend.

High compatibility:
The software and accessories are compatible with Toshiba TEC's previous models such as B-452 series and B-431 series. The original consumables such as paper and ribbon can be used in the same way.

Rich interfaces:
·This desktop printer has the characteristics of an industrial printer, including high-speed printing, multiple network interfaces to enhance processing power: parallel port,
USB2.0 port, built-in LAN card. Optional parts are wireless LAN card and RFID port (HF and UHF).

Prospective applications:
·For future applications, B-SA4TP is compatible with the original system (Toshiba TEC products or non-Toshiba TEC products). The high-performance BIC (Programmable Basic Command
Interpreter) allows B-SA4TP to print non-TPCL standard data streams.

Centralized management of the printer's network:
·B-SA4T printers have advanced network functions, allowing users to:
· Through their IP addresses and serial numbers, all SNMP printers can be networked.
·The firmware can be updated and formatted simultaneously via the network.
·When a real-time alarm occurs, you can monitor the working conditions of each printer, including the failure of the situation.
Advanced environment:
·In order to reduce the load on the environment after scrapping, it adopts lead-free and chromium-free steel plate, which complies with the European "RoHS" standard, and adopts metal halide-free plastic
casing and printer circuit board.

Optional accessories:
·Real-time alarm clock
·Peeling module
·Cutter module
·RFID parts (HF and UHF) are

suitable for the following industries:
·Chemical industry
·Pharmaceutical industry
·Textile industry
·Electronics industry
·Telecom industry
·Food sector
·Retail Distribution Industry
·Transportation and Logistics Industry
·Medical Industry

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