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Toshiba B-EV4 can print labels and ticketing information directly and quickly from your PC desktop on demand. The compact professional label printing function allows you to easily produce professional labels at the touch of a button. The 203 or 300 dpi print resolution model also has the function of SD card slot expansion. The resolution of 203dpi or 300dpi can meet the diverse printing needs.
Product Details

The body is compact: 
· The size is within 198mm (W) × 262mm (D) ※, it is a small structure that can be placed on B5 paper. Moreover, the height in any mode is within 173mm.
   ※The size of the
paper in the peeling mode is easy to replace:
· To replace the paper, just open the top cover and open the media guide.
   (The paper width can also be easily adjusted.)
· At the same time, a transparent window is installed where the remaining amount of paper can be seen at a glance.

Paper detection sensor corresponding to the needs of wide paper:
· Since it is equipped with not only a fixed penetration sensor, but also a movable reflection sensor, the appropriate paper can be selected according to the application.

Large labels can be printed:
· The corresponding paper size is 112mm (W), and the maximum printing area is 108mm (W) × 995mm (H)※.
· Even large labels can be easily printed.

Environmental protection:
· In order to reduce the load of waste on the environment, it uses lead-free solder and chromium-free steel plate, which meets the requirements of the EU RoHS directive.

Meet the diverse kinds of industry format requirements:
· Print mode (thermal (direct thermal) / thermal transfer (direct thermal and thermal transfer))
· resolution (203dpi / 300dpi) includes four sets of combination of these two different The modes are available. Combine various printing forms and the needs of different formats to make a choice.

Possess a rich pattern structure:
· In peel-off mode, each printed label can be peeled off the backing paper and then printed.
· In cutter mode, in addition to the usual printing, the printed labels are cut by the cutter after the specified number of sheets for printing.
※Partial cutting of the central part of the remaining paper is possible (use B-EV204-P-QM-R partial cutter accessory) 

Interface is equipped with four kinds of built-in SD card slot:
· only with USB interfaces and parallel (Centronics), serial (RS-232C), along with a standard Ethernet interface. With 4 types of interfaces that can be connected to multiple PCs to choose from, the most suitable system can be constructed in different environments.
· The built-in SD card slot can also easily convert fonts.

Support two-dimensional code:
· The loaded font has 20 kinds of bitmap fonts, English letters and numbers, 3 sizes of Chinese characters, and 2 kinds of outline fonts. There are also 23 types of barcodes and QR codes, etc. In addition, 5 types of QR codes are also supported.
· In order to meet the needs of many customers, various consumables such as receipts, signs and labels can be provided.

· Printing can also be performed on paper synthesized from films and plastics with good durability and transparency.

Printer specifications:

model B-EV4D-GS14-QM-R B-EV4D-TS14-QM-R B-EV4T-GS14-QM-R B-EV4T-TS14-QM-R
power supply AC100-240±10% Frequency: 50/60Hz
Energy consumption  
Working status Maximum 100-120V: 2.93A, 70.3W, maximum 200-240V: 2.91A, 69.8W
standby mode Maximum 100-120V: 0.91A, 2.18W, maximum 200-240V: 0.91A, 2.17W
Operating environment temperature range 5°C to 40°C (41F to 104F)
Storage temperature range -40°C to 60°C (-40F to 140F)
Relative humidity 25% to 85% RH (non-condensing state)
Storage humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing state)
Resolution 203dpi (8dots/mm) 300dpi (11dots/mm) 203dpi (8dots/mm) 300dpi (11dots/mm)
Resolution Direct heating Direct thermal/thermal transfer
Operation method Batch mode, stripping mode (optional), cutter mode (optional)
printing speed  
Batch/cutter mode 127.0mm/sec 101.6mm/sec 127.0mm/sec 101.6mm/sec
Stripping mode 76.2mm/sec 50.8mm/sec 76.2mm/sec 50.8mm/sec
Available media width (including backing paper) 25.4mm-112mm
Maximum printing width 108.0mm 105.7mm 108.0mm 105.7mm
Dimensions (W×D×H) 198.0mm×258.0mm×169.5mm 198.0mm×258.0mm×173.0mm
weight 2.3 kg (excluding medium) 2.4 kg (excluding medium)
Barcode type EAN8/13,EAN8/13 add on 2&5,UPC-A,UPC-E,
UPC-A add on 2&5,CODE39,CODE93,CODE128
Font Times Roman (No. 6), Helvetica (No. 6), Presentation (No. 1), Letter Gothic (No. 1), Courier (No. 2), Prestige Elite (No. 2), OCR-A (1 type), OCR-B (1 species), Kanji (3 species)
Rotation angle 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
interface Serial port (RS-232C) / parallel port (Centronics) / USB (V2.0) / LAN (10/100) / SD card slot
We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table
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