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B-SA4TM 工业级标签打印机

· This machine is compact and easy to use, but it has the characteristics of an industrial printer-complete functions, strong and durable, and has advanced network functions. It can support the current mainstream communication ports, allowing users to remotely manage the printer through the network. · B-SA4TM printer has extremely high output print quality, industrial machine performance, universal design, and is equipped with RFID module.
Product Details

High-speed printing / complete functions:
·This desktop printer has the characteristics of an industrial printer, including high-speed printing, multi-selected network interfaces to enhance processing power: parallel port, USB2.0 port, built-in LAN card. Optional parts are wireless LAN card and RFID port (HF and UHF).

Future applications:
· For future applications, B-SA4TM is compatible with the original system (Toshiba products or non-Toshiba products). The high-performance BIC allows B-SA4T to print non-TPCL
standard data streams.

Ease of use:
·LCD screen and simple operation menu enable the operator to use the B-SA4TM easily. The open front login interface, the space-saving humanized
design, and the mobile sensor are suitable for printing on various types of media.

High-quality printing:
·With a standard 300dpi print head to ensure high-quality printing.

High compatibility:
The software and accessories are compatible with Toshiba's previous cutting-edge models such as the B-452 series and B-431 series, without the need to replace the original media accessories.

Simple maintenance:
·The structure of B-SA4TM is simple and intensive. The maintenance of the main components becomes easier and more convenient for users. The Snap-in print head and roller can be replaced by the operator without the need of professional engineer guidance, which can reduce the cost of use.

Compact design:
·A4 size, open front structure, upper paper feeding design creates the B-SA4TM simple style; at the same time, the optional shell (plastic or metal
) is suitable for use in the office and other harsh operating environments . This flexibility makes the printer a model that can be set to meet the needs of most applications
. From desktop applications to industrial applications, everything is possible. Other modules like peeling and cutter are housed in the upper opening cover to realize the compactness of the printer.

SNMP network tools:
B-SA4TM printers have advanced network functions, allowing users to:
· Through their IP addresses and serial numbers, all SNMP printers can be networked.
·The firmware can be updated and formatted simultaneously via the network.
·When a real-time alarm occurs, you can monitor the working conditions of each printer, including the failure of the situation.

Optional accessories:
·Real-time alarm clock
·Peeling module
·Cutter module
·RFID components (HF and UHF) are

suitable for the following industries:
· Manufacturing
· Automobile industry
· Chemical industry
· Pharmaceutical industry
· Textile industry
· Electronics industry
· Telecommunications industry
· Food sector
· Retail distribution industry
· Transportation and logistics industry
· Medical industry
· Public utilities


Benefits for customers: The
B-SA4TM printer provides users with many beneficial functions, including:
· High-speed printing improves efficiency and expands productivity
· Fast and simple operation saves time and simplifies training
· High reliability is reduced due to machine maintenance Increase productivity due to downtime.
Diversified designs can be adapted to various environments and applications
. High-quality printing technology creates perfect readability of labels and barcodes
. Bartender tec ultralite label software is included.

Basic specifications:

model B-SA4TM-TS12 (300dip industrial type)
technology Thermal transfer / direct thermal method
Resolution 11.8 dots/mm (300dpi)
Print width (Wideest) 105.7 mm (300dpi print head)
printing speed 152.4mm/sec (6ips)
interface Bidirectional parallel interface, USB2.0, LAN (100BASE), serial interface*, wireless LAN*
Bar code UPC/EAN/JAN,Code39,Code93,Code128, EAN128, NW7, MSI, Industrial 2of5, ITF, Postnet, RM4SCC, KIX-code, RSS14,Customer Bar Code
QR code Data Matrix, PDF417, Maxicode, QRcode, Micro PDF417, CP Code
Font Bitmap font (21 types), Outline font (4 types), Price font (3 types)
Optional Cutter module, stripping module, wireless LAN card, serial port card, RFID module, 300dpi print head, RTC (real-time alarm clock)
Dimensions (mm) 238 mm (width) * 401.7 mm (length) * 331.5 mm (height)
weight 15 kg (not including label media and ribbon)
    * Is an option
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