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The print head and roller assembly of the Toshiba barcode printer B-EX4T2 series inherits the unique advantages of EX4T1, that is, it adopts a "snap-type" print head and a tool-free roller, which can be replaced by the user without any auxiliary tools, thereby reducing The maintenance cost of the hardware is reduced. At the same time, the ultra-long life flat pressure print head can effectively reduce the user's operating cost.
Product Details

Fast and flexible, stable and high speed

Toshiba EX4T2 flat pressing series covers three printing resolutions of 203dpi, 305dpi and 600dpi. The maximum printing speed of 203dpi and 305dpi resolution can reach 12 inches per second, and the maximum printing speed of 600dpi resolution can reach 6 inches per second. Fast and stable high-quality printing performance, comparable to the SX series in unit time production capacity increased by up to 41%. 


Humanity concept, durable 

The EX4T2 series of print head and roller components inherit the unique advantages of EX4T1, that is, the use of "snap-on" print head and tool-free rollers, which can be replaced by users without any auxiliary tools, thereby reducing hardware maintenance costs . At the same time, the ultra-long life flat pressure print head can effectively reduce the user's operating cost. 


Powerful and compatible, worry-free operation 

Different from EX4T1 suspension series, EX4T2's mechanical structure adopts left-aligned media installation, simple paper fixing structure, and supports both inner and outer roll ribbons. These new features can make our new flat-press industrial models better compatible with competitors' products. In terms of interfaces, the EX4T2 series comes standard with USB2.0 and Ethernet interfaces, and provides a wealth of optional interfaces, including parallel ports, serial ports, expansion I/O, and RTC&USB host interface cards. At the same time, Toshiba also provides a complete machine with WLAN interface for you to choose. 


Comprehensive functions and excellent performance

The EX4T2 series comes standard with GB18030 font library, which can save customers the cost of purchasing fonts; the installed ribbon length can reach the industry standard longest ribbon length of 600 meters, which can save users more time to replace the ribbon; double carbon The belt motor control minimizes the ribbon wrinkles and minimizes the total cost for the user. The EX4T2 series with industrial design standards is not only rugged and durable, but also has many industry-leading functions, such as data logging, internal file storage, automatic print head resolution detection, IP address display, simple LAN settings, and graphics Sensor


printing method  Direct heat/thermal transfer
Print Head  Flat type

 203dpi (GS model)

 300dpi (TS model)

 600dpi (HS model)

Printing speed (MAX)  12 inches per second (GS/TS) 6 inches per second (HS)
Printing width (MAX)  4.09 inches (104mm)
Printing length (MAX)  59 inches (1500mm)




 Standard configuration: USB2.0, Ethernet

 Optional: Parallel, Serial, RTC&USB host, extended I/O

 *Toshiba provides a complete machine with WLA interface for you to choose

Standard length (MAX)  1,968.5 inches (600 meters)
Ribbon width  68 mm (2.68 inches)-112 mm (4.41 inches)
Outer diameter of ribbon  90mm (3.54 inch)
Core inner diameter  25.7mm (1.02 inch)
Ribbon settings  Ribbon ink facing outward/inward winding
Physical specifications
width  10.9 inches (278mm)
height  12.2 inches (310mm)
depth  18.11 inches (460mm)
weight  36.7 lbs (17 kg)
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