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B-852 宽幅工业条码打印机

· Toshiba B-852 wide 8.5 inches (242mm) label printer can provide excellent performance for a variety of environments and applications. · The 32-bit RISC central processing unit greatly improves the printing and processing speed; 16MB memory and 8MB SDRAM can store a variety of printing styles in large quantities, load powerful application software, and make printing in the industrial field reach a new height.
Product Details

High-speed functions:
· Utilizing Toshiba's pioneering CPU technology, B-852 provides high-speed printing and enhanced processing capabilities through a wealth of interface options including USB 2.0 and internal LAN. The serial port and wireless network interface can provide more flexibility and selectivity, so that the B-852 can adapt to a wide range of environments and applications.

High-quality printing:
· The B-852 is equipped with a 300dpi print head and can print large labels with high precision and vividness through direct thermal/thermal transfer methods. Although the width of the output label can reach up to 242 mm, the compact design of the whole machine saves space, and all operations can be carried out in front of the machine, effectively using the space on the left and right sides.

Prospective applications:
· This printer is fully compatible with the existing system (Toshiba or non-Toshiba brand), ensuring that the customer's original investment will continue to be effective in the future. Through the powerful BCI (Basic Command Interpreter) program, the input instructions are quickly compiled and processed to generate the correct label format. BCI can also communicate with external expansion devices and easily integrate with other technical systems.

Fully compatible:
· The software and consumables are compatible with the printer model before Toshiba B-852. The inventory and standards of existing media do not need to be changed.

SNMP tools:
· B-852 is equipped with a free network management software suite, users can:
· Manage all Toshiba printers connected to the network by IP address.
· Display system information and firmware version, allowing the firmware to be updated synchronously throughout the network.
· View the status of each printer connected to the network in real time through real-time alerts (including browsing the web).
· View graphic displays of alarm errors and the necessary measures to resolve them, and even send emails to the service call center number when needed.

Reducing customer costs:
· All Toshiba TEC products are manufactured through Toshiba's own factories. Under the premise of ensuring quality first, the customer's cost is fully considered, and safe and reliable key components are provided. For example, B-852 has large capacity memory as standard configuration without expensive PCMCIA board or ATA memory card.

Rugged and durable:
·The combination of heavy-duty steel shell and sturdy internal mechanism that has been proven on-site in the SX series is also used in the B-852. Its stability and reliability rank among the top models in the industry.

Advanced environment:
·In order to reduce the load on the environment after scrapping, lead-free and chromium-free welding steel plates are used, which fully meets the requirements of the 2006 EU "RoHS Directive". It also uses metal halide-free plastic and printed motherboards, which fully reflects Toshiba's environmental commitment.

Applicable fields:
·Manufacturing, automobile industry, heavy industry, steel industry, paper industry, forestry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, retail/wholesale industry, transportation and logistics industry,

widely respond to the printing needs of large labels:
·Transportation labels for large cartons
·Chemical barrel labels for paints, etc.
·A4 size operation instruction book with barcode
· Mass printing of small labels (realize label double printing, three printing)

Customer benefits : The design of the
B-852 ultra-wide label printer can benefit end users in the following aspects:
· New and improved connection features
· More expansion options
· Higher processing speed to improve the efficiency of processing large file data
· Simple Maintenance and low price
· Ability to replace other competitors' systems and product

basic specifications:

model B-852-TS22-CN
printing method Thermal transfer/direct thermal
Type of print head Flat pressure
Resolution 300dpi(11.8dots/mm)
printing speed 50.8mm/sec (2 inches/sec)
101.6mm/sec (4 inches/sec)
Maximum printing width 216.8mm (8.5 inches)
Available media width (including backing paper) 100~242mm (3.9~9.5 inches)
Standard interface Parallel (Centronics, bidirectional 1284 nibble mode)
USB I/F (V2.0 full speed)
LAN I/F (10/100 BASE-T standard)
CPU 32bits RISC
Operation method Batch cutter (this mode is only available when the cutter module is installed)
LCD information display 16 characters/line
Barcode type Barcode type JAN8, JAN13, EAN8, EAN8 code+2 code bar code, EAN8 code+5 code bar code, EAN13, EAN13 code+2 code bar code, EAN13 code+5 code bar code, UPC-E, UPC-E+2 code bar code, UPC-E+5 barcode, UPC-A, UPC-A+2 barcode, UPC-A+5 barcode, MSI, ITF, NW-7, Code39, Code93, Code128, EAN128, Industrial2to5, customer barcode, POSTNET ,KIX CODE,RM4SCC(ROYAL MAIL 4STATE CUSTOMER CODE),RSS14
Two-dimensional code Data Matrix, PDF417,Maxi Code, Micro PDF417,QR code,CP Code
Available fonts Times Roman (No. 6), Helvetica (No. 6), Presentation (No. 1), Letter Gothic (No. 1), Prestige Elite (No. 2), Courier (No. 2), OCR (No. 2), Gothic (No. 1) , Vector font (4 types), Price font (3 types)
Rotation angle 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees
Dimensions (WxDxH) 385mmx181mm*x243mm
*: After installing the supply bracket, the depth is 427mm. 
weight 15.6kg (excluding media and ribbon)
Power consumption 217W, 1.1A during printing (20W, 0.1A during standby)
Supply voltage AC 220~240V, 50Hz
environment humidity 5 degrees to 40 degrees
Relative humidity 25%~85%RH (non-condensing state)
Optional Serial interface board (RS-232C) (B-SA704-RS-QM-R)
wireless LAN interface board (B-SA704-WLAN-QM-R)
cutter module (B-7208-QM-R)
expansion input/ Output interface board (B-SA704-IO-QM-R)
Real-time alarm clock (B-SA704-RTC-QM-R)
    * Is an option
We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table
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